After Anna Todd Book PDF Download

After Anna Todd PDF Download

 Many consider “After” a fiction love story novel written by Anna Todd that features characters that are based on members of the One Direction band. The novel focuses on Harry Styles, the band’s lead singer, and Anna Todd as the inspiration for the heroine, Tessa. Todd originally wrote this book on a social storytelling platform named Wattpad, but Simon & Schuster released it as a book in 2014. After is the first book of a five-part series that was made into a movie in 2019. This guide is for the print version from 2014.

BookAfter Pdf 
AuthorAnna Tode 
Publication Simon & Schuster

Summary of After Anna Todd PDF Download

‘After’ begins with an ecstatic Tessa preparing for college. Tessa is determined to make all her life, despite having a father who abandoned them and a mother who dropped out of the same school. Tessa meets her roommate Steph Jones, an upperclassman with a weird lifestyle, when she arrives at her new school, Washington Central University. Tessa’s mother tries to encourage Tessa not to live in the same room as her.

Tessa flatly refuses and chooses to stay with Steph. Tessa returns to her room the next day after a bath to see a man sitting on Steph’s bed. Tessa rapidly grows to despise him since he is continually making derogatory comments to her. Despite he spoke some hurtful things about her, Tessa can’t help but notice how handsome he is. After that, she learns through Steph that the boy’s name is Hardin.

Tessa meets Landon, a joyful and attractive lad who becomes her best friend, on the first day of class. Tessa learns that Landon is Hardin’s upcoming stepbrother. Tessa is invited to a party after the week by Steph. Tessa reveals that she is a virgin during a party game of truth or dare. Tessa quits the group after being challenged to kiss Hardin as a consequence of her humiliation. Hardin sets out to locate her, and he does it finally. Hardin dismisses their short meeting stating it as a whim.

Carol enlists Tessa’s aid in informing Noah about Tessa’s poor behaviour to protect herself from Steph. Even though she was still dating Noah, Tessa finds herself captivated by Hardin. Forgiveness is no justification for failing to accompany Hardin to the river and see his first orgasm. Tessa’s regret is so strong that she invites Noah to stay with her for the night to help her cope. Landon calls Tessa at midnight and begs her to assist him in dealing with Hardin. Tessa quits Noah for Hardin without thinking about it and then breaks up with him after Hardin confesses what happened between them.

Ken Hardin, Hardin’s father, holds the position of Chancellor of WCU. This is why Hardin despises his father so much: when Hardin was a child, his mother was raped and his father was nowhere to be found; Hardin felt abandoned by both his father and mother, leading to a strong hatred of him.

Ken has found an internship for Hardin with a publishing company for Tessa, and Landon and his mother, Karen, are getting married. Hardin is ecstatic when he learns about her internship chance, but as soon as he leaves to meet up with his friends, he loses all emotion.

Tessa screams in wrath the following day when she sees Molly on Hardin’s lap. With her temper fraying, she decides to seduce Zed in the hopes of exacting vengeance on Hardin. As Tessa walks away, Hardin pursues her, challenging her to kiss him.

Despite Hardin’s explicit declaration of love for Tessa, she drives away with Landon. Tessa later learns from Karen that Hardin never professed to love anybody, even his parents, and this causes her to assume that he did. Tessa decides to go out with Zed instead of concentrating on Hardin. She kisses him and keeps mentioning Hardin throughout. When Tessa realizes this, she runs back to Hardin’s father’s home and tells him she loves him, which he acknowledges.

They return to Tessa’s room after professing their love for one other, only to be greeted by an enraged Carol. Tessa has two options: she either goes back to dating Noah or she can be cut off from Carol. Tessa chooses the second option. They continue to fight because of Hardin’s mood swings. It took one night of intense desire for her to ultimately lose her virginity to Hardin. Tessa notices Zed has bruises on her way to Hardin’s parents’ wedding and accuses Hardin of being the perpetrator.

Tessa informs the group of what was going on between them when she confronts Hardin about his strange and unsettling behaviour, but Hardin’s response stuns them all. Hardin tells Tessa about the bet he and Zed had on who could take Tessa’s virginity. Hardin also allegedly gave proof in the form of a dirty bedsheet and a condom, according to the organization. Tessa was sick of Hardin’s insistence that he still cared for her.

Zed is told to drive her away from Hardin to get away from him. Tessa interrogates them about the wager as they walk.

The main theme of this story


The theme of love is prominent in ‘After.’ Despite the existence of other significant topics, love is the overarching subject of ‘After.’ ‘After’ describes one’s sentiments and choices in love, regardless of whether they are positive or unpleasant. Love is a continuous topic in the novel, from Hardin and Tessa’s deep love to Landon and Dakota’s love and friendship, the love between Landon and Tessa, the love between Ken and Karen, and even the love between Tessa and Noah. A powerful sensation of love inspired some of the most fundamental themes in ‘After.’


‘After’ spends a lot of time talking about treachery. Tessa’s deep love for Hardin causes her to entirely dedicate herself to him, filtering out anybody or anything that could get in the way of her devotion. Tessa was over heels in love with Hardin, but everything came crumbling down when she learned of the bet. Tessa was hurt, ripped, and broken in every way by Hardin’s deception.

Tessa was given signs of Hardin’s peculiar behaviour with his buddies, but she decided to ignore them, which only made matters worse for her. She had nothing to fall back on when Hardin betrayed her since her mother had cut her off, and the individuals she thought should have been her friends turned out to be the polar opposite of what she anticipated. The ‘After’ section concludes with a focus on the feeling of betrayal.

Hatred and a burning desire.

The song ‘After’ is largely driven by bitterness and a desire for vengeance. Throughout the narrative, Tessa develops an emotional attachment to Hardin, whom she despises. She was captivated by him despite his rudeness, arrogance, and lack of empathy. Because of their connection, she wanted to explore her desires with him while they were together. She couldn’t deny her attraction to him, even if she detested him. Tessa feels more impelled to go further into the world of romance than she has ever gone before.


Throughout the narrative, Tessa battled for her release. Tessa, who had felt enslaved her whole life, has now chosen to let go of the past and strive for her freedom. Tessa had to struggle for her freedom against a domineering mother who only cared about herself. Her mother cut her off because she was determined to be free. Tessa found the independence she had been looking for in Hardin, even if it was just for a short while.

The Influence of Friendship

‘After’ demonstrates how much influence friends have on one other. Friend’s actions affected several scenes in ‘After,’ from Tessa becoming drunk for the first time to Hardin finally meeting his father after years of separation. The book examines the good and negative effects that friends have on our lives. Furthermore, Tessa’s life became centred on Hardin’s thoughts, emotions, and feelings for her.

Refusing to Let Go of What Was

“After” highlighted how a person’s connection to the past may have a significant impact on them. In ‘After,’ Hardin was angry about his father’s participation in his mother’s death. Things began to turn around after he allowed his resentment to drive his gloomy viewpoint. Hardin was troubled and disturbed by his past the night his whole existence came crashing down. Hardin couldn’t forgive his father for his crimes, and he couldn’t forgive himself for his father’s deeds. As a consequence of his animosity, he had nightmares, which interrupted his sleep in a variety of ways.

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