As a Man Thinketh PDF Download By James Allen

As a Man Thinketh PDF Download By James Allen

James Allen was a British philosopher and self-help pioneer who lived from 1864 to 1912. He wrote nineteen books and created a periodical called The Light of Reason, which later became known as The Epoch. As a Man Thinketh, Allen’s second book was released in 1903. You can easily download As a Man Thinketh PDF from our website.

NameAs a Man Thinketh
AuthorJames Allen
Publication Unknown 
Pages 64

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Summary of As a Man Thinketh and PDF Download

This book is intended to encourage readers to feel that “they are creators of themselves” via the ideas they choose and develop.

Characteristics and Ideas

 The totality of a man’s thoughts is his character. His personality has an impact on the settings and circumstances of his existence. Every action, particularly those that are considered spontaneous and surprising, begins with a thought.

Situations and the Influence of Thought

The intelligence of a man may be compared to a garden, whether it is well-kept or not. Flowers and fruit are produced by cultivated plants, whilst weeds are produced by uncultivated plants. A man must actively cultivate right, helpful, and pure concepts while weeding out those that are incorrect, useless, or impure.

Thought and character are synonymous, and character has a significant impact on one’s living circumstances. If a guy learns a spiritual lesson from his current circumstances, other ones will eventually emerge.

External circumstances will buffet a guy as long as he believes he is a creature of those surroundings. His circumstances improve when he exercises self-control and mental purification, as well as mending his character’s faults.

Effects of Thoughts on the Body and Health

The body is controlled by the intellect. As a result of bad thoughts, a body would succumb to sickness and degeneration. When it thinks lovely and pleasant notions, it is clothed with youthfulness and attractiveness. Fearful thoughts may be harmful to one’s health. Anxiety cast down the whole body, exposing it to illness, while filthy thought devastates the nervous system. As a result of a strong, pure, and pleasurable mind, the body gains strength and elegance.

The body will feel the impact of one’s ideas, whether positive or bad. Thinking is the source of all activity, life, and manifestation. Purify the fountain, and all else will follow suit.

To improve your body, you must protect your ideas. Start with your thoughts if you wish to revitalize your body. Thoughts of malice, jealousy, and dissatisfaction destroy the body’s health and elegance. A bright, joyful, and tranquil expression results from thoughts of joy, compassion, and serenity. Being enslaved by malice, cynicism, distrust, and jealousy is like being imprisoned in one’s self-made jail.

Such selfless ideas are the gateways to heaven. To think well of everyone, to be pleased with everyone, to see the good in everyone – such kind thoughts are the gates to paradise.

Thought & Purpose

There can be no decent performance unless the intellect is linked to a certain purpose. The lack of direction is a vice. Individuals who lack a primary purpose in life are affected by worries, concerns, difficulties, and self-pity, which leads to failure and loss.

A person’s actual goal should be in his heart, and he should go out to achieve it. He should keep this goal at the forefront of his thoughts. He should make this his major aim and commit himself to achieve it, rather than allowing his mind to drift into crazy fantasies. This is the royal path to mental focus and self-control. He may continue to fall short of his goal, but he will fight his flaws and grow in character, which is a valid measure of success and the starting point for future strength and victory.

Those who are unprepared for the stress that comes with a large goal should focus their efforts on completing their work well, no matter how trivial it may look. They will be able to concentrate their minds and enhance their resolve as a result of this practice. Even the weakest soul may gain strength through practice and effort. Hard training may make the physically weak stronger, and appropriate mental exercise can make the mentally weak stronger.

To think with intention is to join the ranks of those who understand that failure is a necessary step on the path to success. A person should mentally map out a clear path to their goal and eliminate doubts and worries. The impulse to act originates from the knowledge that we have the potential to act. Fear and uncertainty are knowledge’s main foes, and they must be defeated.

Failure can only be overcome by someone who has overcome their fears and doubts. The mind becomes a creative powerhouse when it is unafraid attached to a purpose.

Achievement and the Influence of Thought

Every attempt and failure a person makes is a direct result of his thinking. A man’s weakness and strength, as well as his purity and impurity, are entirely his own, not those of another. Only he has the power to change them. His joys and sorrows are the results of his personal growth. He is what he believes, and he will continue to believe what he believes.

A strong guy can only help a weaker person if the weaker person is ready to accept help. Even still, the weak individual must become strong in himself since he is the only one who can change himself. Oppressors and slaves collaborate in their ignorance to punish themselves rather than one other.

Visions & Ideals

The visionaries are the world’s saviors. The invisible is what keeps the apparent cosmos going. He who has a beautiful vision in his heart, a lofty objective, will attain it one day. To want something is to desire it, and to aspire to it is to desire it. Will a man’s most basic desires be fully satisfied while his finest ambitions go unfulfilled? Imagine great goals for yourself, and you’ll achieve them.

Your vision is an image of who you want to be in the future. The greatest achievements were just a dream at the beginning. The oak snoozes in an acorn. The seeds of dreams germinate into reality. Perceiving and pursuing an ideal may assist you in overcoming adversity. Moving on the inside while staying still on the exterior is impossible.

You will either shrink to the size of your dominant want or expand to the size of your dominant goal. The dumb, uneducated, and indolent rely on luck, destiny, and chance. They are oblivious to the challenges, disappointments, and tribulations faced by people who gain wealth, wisdom, or holiness. They are oblivious of the sacrifices, efforts, and faith that the latter has made in overcoming the obstacles that create hindrance to their goals. They are oblivious to the darkness and misery.

Gifts, talents, financial, intellectual, and spiritual riches are some of the outcomes of employment. It’s ideas that have been completed, goals that have been achieved, and dreams that have come to fruition.


Mental serenity is one of the most lovely pearls of knowledge. It’s the result of long and rigorous practice in oneself. A calm person who has learned to control himself knows how to adapt to others. The more a guy achieves, influences, and uses his authority for good, the more at ease he becomes. A strong and composed person is always adored and loved. The winds and storms of the spirit can only be controlled by the knowledgeable man, who has cleansed and regulated his thoughts. Self-control is a show of strength for people whose spirits have been shaken by the storms of change. The capacity to think appropriately is a sign of mastery. Calmness is a valuable asset.

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