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Atharva - The Origin book

If you are not aware of the latest news then let me make you remember our ex cricket captain MS Dhoni has unveiled his first graphics novel called “Atharva”. It’s a new-age graphics novel featuring MS Dhoni as the superhero character. The best and most interesting part of the novel is MS dhoni beating Shah Rukh Khan to lead the graphic novel “Atharva”. Here in this article, you will find everything about the Atharva. As the news deals with former Indian cricket of India MS dhoni on Wednesday unveils the first look of the Atharva from his upcoming graphic novel title” Atharva the origin. Dhoni is willing to entertain the world with the graphic novel where he will be playing the role of superhero and warrior leader. Dhoni has unveiled the first glimpse look to their fans and the world. The novel is based on a young heart in the magnificent lands and strange beasts. The graphic novel has featured more than 150 lifelike illustrations which present the gripping and racy narrative. You must be thinking about the graphics novels and what the Atharva deals with. Keep patient we will be going to cover everything about the MS Dhoni graphics novel “Atharva”.

What is a graphic novel?

The graphic novel is termed as a format which is not a genre. You must have seen the stories of iron man or superman in which the whole story is developed through graphics and embedded with lots of pictures. In the same way, “Atharva” is going to deal with the graphics and it can be anything like fiction, non-fiction, history, fantasy, etc. Graphic novels are almost similar to comic books which help the readers in understanding the whole concept of the story by just dealing with the pictures. The pictures which cover the story of the book are termed a graphic novel. Graphic novels are generally stand-alone with stories with more complex plots. It has some differences from comic books because the comic has a lite story but on the other hand, the graphic novel has several parts and long-term content. Everything in the graphic novel is described with frequent pictures to make the story interesting and eye-catchy for the audience. The graphics immerse the audience into the artwork of the story.

About the graphic novel Atharva – The Origin PDF Download

  • Former Indian skipper and captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni has unveiled the first look of the Avartha which is a novel graphics story just like the web series. The novel covered the title “Atharva: The origin.
  • The author of the book is Ramesh Thamilmani whose own book is based on the same name and the web series is based on this book in which MS Dhoni has displayed the character of Atharva.
  • This is a new-age graphics novel that is going to seem like the new era of the web series.
  • The novel is based on the mythological science function which deals with mysterious characters. In our transition Mysteries is as known as Aghori which is the lord of Siva. Lives in a peaceful environment equipped with powerful energy. The book delivers the mysterious journey of the “Aghori”. The book contains all the interesting knowledge of the decades in which myths can be known and changed by the Aghori. Several changes in the near future can be done by following the myths accordingly.
  • The whole content of the novel is based on the mysteries and myths of the decades.
  • If we talk about the production of the web series. The production task is handled by Dhoni entertainment which is a media company. Dhoni entertainment media company was established by dhoni and his wife Sakshi in 2019. Another company called “Riti Sports” is also working on the production of the “Atharva”. Later Riti sports worked as a sponsor for MS Dhoni.

Summary Of Atharva – The Origin (A New Age Graphic Novel) featuring MS Dhoni 

On the cover of the novel, former Indian cricket captain MS Dhoni is depicted as a legendary superhero. in an interview When the writer was asked why he chose the athlete, he responds, “Because the stakes are so high, we needed a major name to take it to the next level.” MSD( Mahendra Singh Dhoni) was the ideal guy for the job. We’d always wished for him, but bringing him on board seemed like dream come true.”

The motion poster of Atharva portrays a rugged-looking Dhoni. It offers fans a peek inside the universe of Atharva as well as a sneak peek at the cricketer’s maiden appearance as a superhero. The designers laboured carefully with a team of artists for several years to build the mythical realm of Atharva in order to provide readers with an immersive experience. Dhoni Entertainment, the media firm created by Dhoni and his wife Sakshi Singh Dhoni in 2019, is supporting the future season.

“As a real-life hero, MSD is the ideal fit for the character of a superhero in the novel,” he continues. He not only gave us his face, but he also worked closely with us. He made a significant contribution that we had not anticipated.”

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