Bridgerton: The Viscount Who Loved Me PDF Download

Bridgerton: The Viscount Who Loved Me

Anthony Bridgerton has opted to settle down and carry on his family’s history after a long career as an infamous tonne rake. His parents were a bright example of a loving and successful marriage, so he realizes that love exists. Despite their shared pasts, he has no intention of falling in love with his prospective wife. Anthony’s father’s death gave him the false impression that his own time was running out. By pursuing the toast of the present nobility, he avoids complicating his already convoluted existence. Despite matching all of his criteria for a future bride, she is someone with whom he will never fall in love. Aside from her sister’s intervention, Anthony did not have any idea of how much this annoying lady would make him need attention.

Kate Sheffield will do all she can to keep Anthony Bridgerton away from her sister. Fate has different ideas for her as she sets out to foil the rakish viscount’s courting. She finds herself in an odd circumstance in which she is forced to interact with the guy directly. She becomes agitated whenever she is with Anthony, not to mention perplexed. Kate falls head over with the stunning rogue, but an unforeseen turn of events puts Kate in jeopardy, forcing the couple to rush to the altar to avoid raising a stir. Despite Anthony’s adamant statement that he would never love her, Kate isn’t ready to give up on her new husband just yet. Katharine “Kate” Sheffield refuses to allow her younger, half-sister to marry the rich Anthony Bridgerton, whom Kate believed had the worst reputation of all the eligible bachelors in London, in Julia Quinn’s novel The Viscount Who Loved Me, the second instalment in the Bridgerton trilogy. Also you can get The Viscount Who Loved Me pdf download

Name The Viscount Who Loved Me: Bridgerton
Author Julia Quinn
Publication Avon
Language English 
Page 400

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Julia Quinn, whose books have been on the New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestseller lists, is well-known for debunking the stereotype that clever women don’t read or write love novels. Despite her obvious lack of understanding of baseball, country music, and plush toys, she was able to accurately answer all of her history and geography questions, as well as recognize Leonardo da Vinci before there was a code for it.

The author Quinn was educated at Harvard and Radcliffe, and she is one of only sixteen people inducted into the Romance Writers of America Hall of Fame. She now lives in the Pacific Northwest with her family, The Bridgertons, a three-part Netflix series starring Julie Andrews, Phoebe Dynevor, and Rége-Jean Page, is based on Shondaland’s best-selling historical romance novel.


 Anthony’s father Edmund died when he was 18 years old, and he believed he would never be able to exceed him in any manner, even in terms of life span. Anthony embarked on the lookout for a lady who would not make him fall in love at the age of 29 to have a family. He reasoned that having a meaningful connection with his wife would be the one thing that would make him lament his limited existence. As a result, Anthony set his eyes on Edwina Sheffield, the most attractive lady available for marriage in 1814. Kate was firm when it came to Anthony’s intended marriage.

As they joked about Anthony liked Edwina and wanting to marry her. They both realized they had emotions for one other. Kate was astounded by Anthony’s actions when he brought Penelope Featherington, a girl who had been ridiculed because of her looks, into a house party at Anthony’s family home. Anthony’s audacity inspired Kate, who realized she had no right to interfere with Edwina and Anthony’s marriage. Despite her phobia of thunderstorms, Kate went to the library that night and chose a book. An electrical storm struck while she was there. Behind a table in the library, Kate was trembling from the candlelight. He reassured her and remained with her till the storm passed.

The following morning, when Anthony awoke, he went out into the garden to check how Kate was doing. Kate made it obvious to Anthony that he could marry Edwina. Kate liked Anthony, but she didn’t believe he’d be interested in marrying her. She never considered the possibility that Anthony may be interested in her as well. When a bee buzzed around Kate, their lives were changed forever. Anthony attempted to persuade Kate to sit quietly, fearful that she would get stung and die like his father, but she refused. The bee stung Kate in the breast with its needle during the dispute between Kate and Anthony. She became enraged when Anthony told her that to preserve her life, he needed to remove the poison from her system. Her guffaw was prompted by the prospect of a bee stinging someone. When Anthony informed Kate that his father is no more in this world and the cause of his death was a bee sting, Kate quickly stopped laughing.

Kate pushed back the second time Anthony stated that he needed to remove the poison from her wound. They were being constantly spied on by their stepmother, Anthony’s mother, and a renowned London gossip. Despite the bee sting, the fact that they were discovered in a compromising situation made it evident that they should marry. Even though he was privately pleased with the arrangement, he told Kate that they would remain friends and respect each other, but they would not be able to fall in love with each other.

Kate and Anthony were both in a good position when they married. Anthony was certain that his strategy was working. When Kate told him one night that she thought they’d be happy together for the rest of their lives, he was angry. Anthony couldn’t bear the thought of being apart from Kate for an extended period. He had to depart due to his incapacity to deal with Kate’s emotions, which profoundly devastated Kate. His brothers helped him realize how simple it was to tell Kate he loved her when he returned to his room after a two-day hiatus.

When Anthony arrived at the scene to look for Kate, he discovered her in a carriage with Edwina and her suitor. The carriage horses were out of control when Anthony spotted them in the park. Anthony stood motionless and watched as the carriage came to a halt on its side. Kate was buried under the rubble. Anthony said as he pulled Kate from the sea that he was supposed to die first. Kate was also noted as someone who had a lot of respect for her. She was rescued from the wreckage with just a broken leg. Anthony mentioned to Kate afterwards that he was concerned about not outliving his father in a chat. Not ignoring Anthony’s concern, Kate counselled him to face it full-on by making the most of each day.

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