Chanakya Neeti with Sutras of Chanakya Included Book PDF Download

Chanakya Neeti with Sutras of Chanakya Included

Today we are going to introduce you to one of the most popular books “ Chanakya Neeti”. The meaning of Chanakya neeti is the strategies and rules that are made by the Chanakya. To live a successful and happy life you should follow the quotes of the Chanakya. It makes you understand what to do in daily life and what not to do. If you follow the Chanakya Neeti then you will definitely come to know how a successful life can be lived. Everyone can follow these rules and strategies of the Chanakya. The book was written in the Sanskrit language but now it is available in the Hindi medium and translated into many different other languages. Acharya Chanakya is known by the name of the Mission Gupta and Kautilya because he is one of the greatest strategists, philosophers, economists, and teachers. He has the ability to think beyond the vision and is known for his diplomatic skill. Because the Chanakya Maura empire is able to rue the dynasty. Let’s learn about the main lesson of the Chanakya Neeti and download Chanakya Neeti pdf

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Summaries of the book “ Chanakya Neeti with sutras of Chanakya Included”

Education is the best friend: Chanakya says that education is the best friend of the human being without education no person can self-believe and be respected by someone.  An educated person is respected everywhere and it is more important than your beauty. The statement is very powerful according to Chanakya because a person may seem average or weak but when they have sufficient knowledge they are the best friend of everyone. If a person is educated then they will be treated as a special person everyone. A person may lose their money or property with the passage of time but knowledge is the only thing that keeps on increasing as time passes. Love can leave you in between the pathway but the knowledge will never let you down in any condition.

Learn from the mistakes: A person should always focus on learning the things no matter how many mistakes they are doing. They should learn from the outer environment and the person surrounding them. It is not necessary that a person will always learn things from their mistakes. If a person has the curiosity to learn they can definitely learn through the other person’s mistakes. Learning from the mistakes of the person is the best and most effective way to increase your learning potential.

Never share your secrets with anyone: If you are willing to be a successful person in the future must be sure about not to disclose your secrets to anyone. This is because when you disclose any secrets with the next person they can use it in your bad times to let you down at any moment. Chankays says never share your potential or the weakness with the person so, that no nay person that surrounds you will let you down. If you keep your secrets then there is not any way to lose yourself because the person who is willing to compete you didn’t have sufficient information about your weakness.

Before starting any work make sure to think about these questions: If you are going to start any work then you should ask yourself all these 3 questions. The first one is why you are doing this work, what can be the result of the work you are doing, and the last but very effective is to ask yourself whether you will be successful in the work or not because when your brain will not answer the positive answers to you then you can never be a successful person. If you find satisfactory answers to all these questions then only you should take the next step. You must go through these questions before implementing any technique or strategies. Once you will follow all these things you will get the possibility of success or failure.

The fragrance of the flowers spread only in the direction of the wind: Good behaviour of the person spreads in all directions. A person should always show good behaviour toward the other person. No matter the person sitting next to you belongs to which culture or the community. Chanakya says a person can die but their good things will always be alive in the person’s heart. A Good Person is always remembered by the person for long years.

A man is great only by their activities: A good man is only remembered by his activities there is no criteria to measure the goodness of any person. It doesn’t matter a person’s birth and from which culture a person belongs. If a person does good things in their life these things describe their greatness. They should prove themselves to the humanity 

Humbleness is the root of self-control: A person should be very humble with nature. Chanakya says that a humble person can live their life beer as compared to any other aggressive person. If you always show your humbleness it will reduce the number of enemies in your life and even if you have enemies in your life the humbleness attitude will make them weak. It provides you with good control of your life and delivers self-control to improve your life functionality.

Your feelings are your god and your soul is your temple: When humans try different things and strategies for the god in order to make them happy. But from the Chanakya point of view says god can’t be found in a temple because God is present in all the happy and good hearts. If you are doing bad things then you will never find the presence of God in your heart. No one should go to a temple in search of god instead of visiting the temples you can focus on your felling and emotions which is a good place for the god to live according to the Chanakya.

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