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Ankur Warikoo is a business visionary and content maker whose profound, clever, and fiercely legit considerations of progress and disappointment, cash and contributing, mindfulness, and individual connections have made him one of India’s top individual brands. you can easily download Do Epic Shit PDF from our website.

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Summary of Do Epic Shit Book PDF

 In his first book, Ankur assembles the key thoughts that have fuelled his excursion – one that started with him needing to be a space engineer and finished with him making content that has been seen and perused by million people. His contemplations range from the significance of making propensities for long-haul accomplishment to the reinforcements of cash the executives, from embracing and tolerating inability to the genuine truth regarding learning sympathy. This is a book to be perused, and rehash, a book whose lines you will underline and reconsider, and once more, a book you will give your loved ones and outsiders.

Do Epic Shit pdf is a book by Ankur Warikoo where he expounds on every one of the disappointments and victories he had in his life. He likewise ponders the examples he has taken in the most difficult way possible to assist us with monitoring those circumstances. You will observe significant examples in this book that you can use in your life.

Valuable Lessons from the Book: “Do Epic Shit”

  • Passion isn’t something you find. It’s something you develop.
  • Try not to think everybody needs to lead. close to 100% of individuals need to be driven. 
  • They need to be determined what to do next. Driven them.
  • Be interested. It sets out open doors more than difficult work at any point will.
  • We hesitate not on account of apathy but since of dread.
  • Be occupied in ending up as opposed to being occupied in the rate race and never knowing yourself.

The Focus Points of the book Do Epic Shit

1 – Success and failure 

Achievement implies various things to various individuals. You need to give your meaning of accomplishment and remain consistent with that. Try not to allow the world to characterize your standards for progress and disappointment. Achievement is a relationship you have with yourself. Everybody is running an alternate race. Indeed, we are not even in a race. We’re in our own ways. Some walk. Some run. At the point when you wanted to complete five things toward the beginning of the day, yet you wind up accomplishing more, that satisfaction and feeling is a genuine accomplishment. You are your main thing, not what you say you’ll do.

 On the off chance that you focus on something and don’t follow through on the guarantee, it amounts to nothing. Karma happens to the people who get things going. Consistently and each second is a chance for you to allow your activities to choose your karma. Karma is the aftereffect of your persistent effort. You have only one life. Try not to live it being one individual. You can be whoever you need and have however many ways of life as you can. Be a business visionary, and furthermore a competitor, and furthermore an individual who makes content. Investigate things. Don’t simply sit at a spot. Move out of where you are throughout everyday life.

2 – Habits 

 Propensities will open entryways of chances for you. They construct you. Try not to attempt to get up right on time. Rest early. The mystery is to be invigorated, cheerful, and useful in the first part of the day. Be interested. It sets out open doors more than difficult work at any point will. The main abilities today are Humour, narrating, overseeing cash, human brain research, and cold messaging. You must have an arrangement yet without an activity they aren’t anything. Avoid web-based media. Since the most brilliant personalities are working all day, every day to keep you snared. Follow the right arrangement of individuals via web-based media and you’ll see more open doors. You become like individuals you invest the most energy with-both on the web and disconnected.

3 – Awareness 

 Staying alert and aware of each move you make is an essential ability. In spite of the fact that it’s basic, a great many people don’t practice it. Try not to let your sensations of what others will say decide your activities. We hesitate not as a result of apathy but since of dread. The apprehension about disappointment, and achievement. Apprehension about dismissal. We stall since we don’t track down security in our accomplishments. Rather than pursuing individuals’ significance of the achievement, look for fulfilment in your own excursion. Being quiet even in the most brutal circumstances is a superpower. Tranquillity doesn’t mean you don’t need drivers. It implies having the ability to move that drive toward activities. The actual quiet is the fire.

4 – The best mental models for taking difficult choices throughout everyday life 

Ask yourself: What’s the most terrible thing that is right? Shut your eyes and strikingly envision if occurring then, at that point, ask, ‘Will I be alright intellectually, socially, monetarily, truly, inwardly? Expect that the choices you make are reversible and you will begin to act in an unexpected way. Since, yes, most choices are reversible. They are not cut in stone. Know, execute and rehash your choices. Be occupied in winding up as opposed to being occupied in the rate race and never knowing yourself. Try not to contrast yourself with others. It’s the greatest exercise in futility. Addictions come from the inclination that accomplishing something creates. We are not dependent on things. We are dependent on the feelings that these things create.


Assuming you are in school, don’t simply get to instruct yourself and get the degree. Utilize your time and chance to discover what you appreciate. The reason for school is to track down yourself. Don’t simply learn one subject. Become familiar with various subjects. Join online networks. Independent, travel alone. Do however many things as you can.

Request help if necessary. Since, in such a case that you don’t, the response is not all the time. Individuals will possibly help you assuming you assist them with seeing how they can.

Our ability to envision is both our solidarity and shortcoming. Use it for your potential benefit. Quit grumbling. Nobody has at any point arrived at the arrangement by grumbling. Maybe it intensifies the issue.

There is the same old thing in this book. It is intended to be an update. It likely won’t transform you yet it assists you with being more mindful so you can settle on better choices throughout everyday life; not from a condition of obliviousness but rather mindfulness.