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The New York Times and the Globe and Mail named Carley Fortune’s Every Summer After a best-seller. Her second novel, Meet me at the lake, will be released on May 2, 2023. It’s a lovely love tale about two individuals who don’t know one other yet meet at just the right moment. They did it when they were young adults and again roughly ten years later.

Carley is a well-known journalist who has received several honors. She has edited for many well-known Canadian periodicals, including The Globe and Mail, Chatelaine, Toronto Life, and The Grid. She was the Executive Editor for Refinery29 Canada before leaving.

Carley grew up in both Australian suburbs and the fictitious village of Barry’s Bay, which serves as the backdrop for Every summer after. Barry’s Bay is a tiny lakeside town in rural Ontario. Every summer after, Carley’s debut novel was a worldwide sensation. Carley is now residing in Toronto with her husband and two boys.

BookEvery Summer After
AuthorCarley Fortune
Publisher Berkley
Language English

Summary of Every Summer After 

Six summers passed before we realized how much we loved each other. Everything will come apart in an instant. It took the whole weekend to get it right. It is said that once you leave your hometown, you can never return. This has been true for Persephone Fraser for the past ten years since she committed the worst mistake of her life. She used to spend her summers at the lake as a youngster. She now lives in a great city apartment and spends her time going out with pals while maintaining an emotional distance from them. Then she receives a phone call that drives her back to Barry’s Bay and into the arms of Sam Florek, the one guy she never believed she’d have to live without. Waiting for that phone call, to be precise.

¬†For the last six summers, Percy and Sam had spent every waking minute together, from languid afternoons on the lake to working late nights at his family’s restaurant and reading together (medical textbooks for him, unfinished horror short tales for her). They became closer over time, but their burgeoning relationship was bound to fail. Everyone realized Sam and Percy’s closeness when Sam returned to the lake to bury Percy’s mother. They won’t know whether their love is powerful enough to overcome their biggest sins until Percy is ready to confront her decisions and the years she’s spent punishing herself for them. Every Summer After is a large, heartbreaking love tale about the people and decisions that form our life. It should be read by everybody who has ever spent a summer in the Midwest. The narrative spans six years, although it is just about one weekend.

Percy Fraser met the Flores, who lived next door, during her first Summer at the lakeside cottage her parents had purchased for her in Ontario. The Flores own and operate the neighborhood diner. Charlie and Sam Florek live in Barry’s Bay during winter and Summer. Percy and Sam are the same age and have always gotten along. They become close friends, and Percy looks forward to seeing Sam every Summer. Over several years, Percy and Sam learned to like one other. For a while, Percy believed that their love might survive forever. They spent many great summers together, swimming at the lake, assisting Sam with his studies, watching scary movies, and working at the family restaurant. They cherish the time they spend together, but conflicts begin to surface as college approaches. Sam and Charlie’s mother died after being unwell for a long period. Charlie phoned Percy since she hadn’t returned to Barry’s Bay in a long time and would want to attend the funeral and burial. There was certainly friction between Sam and Percy at some time, and Fortune gradually teases us with recollections of the Summer when things became terrible between them. Percy must cope with her past, particularly her first love, Sam, while simultaneously dealing with the present in Barry’s Bay. Carley Fortune’s debut novel, Every Summer After, was a literary masterpiece that made me feel everything. There’s a lovely lake location, a narrative of a friendship that blossomed into love, and recollections of wonderful summers past. It’s a terrific summer read with everything I look for in a good novel.

Percy had me fascinated from the first page of Every Summer After. I knew she liked Sam initially, but I was relieved to see how well they got along. As a reader, I appreciated that she was a complicated character with her aspirations, fears, and feelings. She attempts to find out where she fits in with her pals when she first meets Sam. They’ve known each other for a long time, so she knows she can always depend on him to be a trustworthy friend. They must spend time apart throughout the school year, but they know they will reunite in the Summer.

 Fortune made excellent use of flashbacks to narrate the narrative. They assisted me in determining what had occurred between Percy and Sam and kept me engaged in the work as a whole. Twelve years had passed since Percy’s last visit to Barry’s Bay and conversation with Sam. Given how close they were in the past, it isn’t easy to imagine that anything like this could have occurred, but Fortune provides us with all the facts we need to make an informed choice.

Sam is a wonderful main character. He had one of the greatest outings of the year in the film Every Summer After. Before meeting Percy, he was crushed by his father’s untimely death. He is a varied guy, and one of my favorite aspects of him is his kindness. Because of his kindness, it isn’t easy to fathom someone who wouldn’t want the best for him, so it was wonderful to see their connection develop. I appreciated how Percy encouraged him to pursue his goals and desires before becoming a doctor. He did the same for her when she expressed an interest in becoming a writer. It crushed my heart when things started to go wrong for them since they were the ideal pair.

Nonetheless, I sympathized with Sam and enjoyed witnessing how he interacted with Charlie, his elder brother. Charlie is another fantastic and lasting major character who did not disappoint. The author made the characters appear genuine, and I felt deeply about them all due to the novel.

If you’re looking for a summer, read with a lot of passion, a gorgeous environment, and a romance that will make you swoon, look no further. Every Summer After is already a great seller, but it will be one of the year’s finest beach reads. I felt like I was entering an adult Sarah Dessen novel or Jenny Han’s Summer series for adults. It was far more amazing than I had anticipated.

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