Getting to Yes: Negotiating an agreement without giving in PDF Download

Getting to Yes PDF Download

Today we are going to introduce one of the most effective books through which we can easily master the skill of negotiating. If you are one of those who don’t know how to negotiate with a person and are willing to acquire this opportunity then the book” getting to yes” may help you a lot in this journey. No matter whether it is your business deal and trying to bring some product in your home by reducing the cost. You will come to know how you can negotiate without losing yourself. You can easily negotiate and make a good deal. There are lots of summaries discussed in the book “ getting to yes” through which you can easily crack any profitable deal. It can be only done through good negotiating skills and if you want to grab the concept of negotiating make sure to read the whole summary of the book which is discussed below. and Download Getting to Yes pdf

BookGetting to Yes: Negotiating an agreement without giving in
AuthorRoger Fisher and William Ury
Pages 240

Summaries of the Book getting to yes

Getting to yes is a 1981 published book which is written by 2 famous authors named  Roger Fisher William Ury. Roger Fisher is a law professor at Harvard Law school and he along with his fellow member did the Harvard Negotiation Project. On the other hand, William Ury is an Anthropologist and worked with many associations worldwide. He also works as a peace negotiator.

Everything depends on your negotiation: You have to believe that later in the decades no nay person used to discuss things and only a single person decide all the things whether it is a family or business. Earlier people used to follow the path of their elders. They follow what their older tells. Just like the family company also run on a concept of a single person that is the boos of the company. The author is telling that no decision made earlier is wrong but the author is trying to capture the reader’s mind that before taking any decision you must follow or ask your fellow members which increases the effectiveness of the decision. Now, the has come in which people discuss more with their friends and family without taking any decision. People used to take the fellow concept while delivering any decision.

Don’t negotiate on silly things:  If you are investing your precious time in negotiating on the silly things then you have to wipe it out from your life because negotiating on the silly things may push you in many difficult situations. Because sometimes negotiating on stupid things leads to that stage from where no nay solutions can be made. So, the author is telling their readers always stay away from the stupid negotiation which is harmful to their life. If you to get to know about no team is going to get down with their words and they are just wasting the time then you have to leave that negotiation as soon as you can. If you continue to focus on these types of negotiations then it will definitely lead to a weak relationship. You are just losing your energy and time by entering into these types of negotiation

Always remember you are negotiating with the human:  It is true that an easy negotiation takes place between two-party and both parties always try to make their words true. All the negotiating person shares their emotions, values, and experience and they used it when they feel it is time to show their experience. so, you should respect their opinion. Every person has a different way of reacting while taking any decision. There are two-phase of negotiation the first one is when both the party wants to find an effective solution to the problem by discussing and another one is when no one going to listen to what you are speaking and they make themselves emotionally attached to the words and they take it personally. There are lots of differences between these two-phase of negotiations. So, while negotiating with the human you should always keep your mind on these things. If you are able in doing so then in the near future you can be a good negotiator. 

Beat the problems, not the human: The author is trying to understand their reader a deep concept on the negotiation. The author is telling a person should always respect the emotion of the opposite person while negotiating. They should focus on solving the problem rather than any bad words to the person. A good negotiation or deal does not describe the winning or losing of any party. It’s a personal process to make a solution to the personal problem so, don’t take it seriously. The process will only work when both the party will counter the problems with the same eye and try to solve the problem. You should save yourself from the personal attacking with the words no matter how big is the problem. Never comment on the people by taking their behaviour or nature. If you are capable of doing so then you can easily find the solutions to any big problem.

Before taking any decision must know the willingness of both the party:   It is seen that most of the problems can’t deliver effective solutions to the person because of the lack of desire of both parties. So, the author is describing a good concept of taking any decision by knowing the desires of the person. Both the parties can’t relate themselves with the decision so, it is necessary to keep the person’s desire and happiness before taking any decision. As for you are planning for a trip with your family and your desire is to enjoy yourself on the beach but on the other hand, your family members want to go to a hill station. So, you have to respect both desires. You should take a decision through which both the desires can be fulfilled. You can make your life easy by taking these types of small decisions.

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