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Before starting her career as a teacher, Kathy developed a passion for learning theory while working as a game designer on projects for Virgin, MGM, and Amblin. She developed a key element of the Head First approach while serving as a professor for the Entertainment Studies division’s New Media Authoring course at UCLA Extension.

She most recently served as a master trainer at Sun Microsystems. She has been a key contributor to several of Sun’s Java developer and programmer certification examinations during this period. She has also trained Sun’s Java instructors to transmit the most current Java technology. She has also trained Sun’s Java educators to provide information about the newest Java improvements. She and Bert Bates have put the concepts outlined in Head First Java into practice to educate trainers, non-programmers, and programmers, among other groups of people. Bert Bates wrote Head First Java.

In addition to the Creating Passionate Users blog, she developed javaranch.com, one of the world’s most well-known Java community websites. Pay close attention to where you focus your watch if you want to learn something thoroughly, swiftly, and effectively. Take into account your mentality.

BookHead First Java: A Brain-Friendly Guide
Author Kathy Sierra and Bert Bates 
Publisher Shroff
LanguageĀ English 
Pages 742

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Summary of Head First Java A Brain-Friendly Guide 

Most of us did not take elementary or secondary school classes that included metacognition or learning theory. Even though we had to study, we were seldom advised how to do so effectively. Since you are here, we will assume that you are interested in learning more about Java. You won’t want to spend much time on this if you’re like me.

You must be in charge of controlling your thinking if you want to gain the most out of this book, any other book, or any educational experience. Your capacity for rationality about the current issue. You must teach your brain to accept the new information it is taking in. The difficulty stems from the mental effort needed. Essential to your general physical and emotional wellness. An animal of the same size as a tiger. If you don’t, you’ll be fighting an uphill struggle with your brain, attempting to prevent the new information from sticking. You won’t be making it tougher on yourself if you do this.

An IDE, or integrated development environment, is not required for programming (IDE). You must not use any software other than a simple text editor until completing this book (and especially not until after chapter 16). If you want to get the most out of the procedure, start at the command line and only switch to software that automates parts of the stages after you are certain that you understand what is occurring. It’s far easier to study on the command line than in an IDE, which might make it challenging to comprehend some of the more subtle but crucial aspects of programming.

Putting shared logic into a class is the first step in inheritance-based architecture. Declare any extra specialised courses to be subclasses of the common generic class. Inherited characteristics are those of a type that has been passed down via the inheritance chain of its parent class.

This concept is called “the subclass extends the superclass” in Java. When two classes are connected by inheritance, the parent class’s characteristics will be inherited by the subclass (the superclass). Instance variables and methods that are class components are referred to as “members of the class.”

For instance, if SuperHero is a subclass of PantherMan, PantherMan will instantly have access to SuperHero’s common set of instance variables and methods. This results from forming a single, sizable superteam out of everyone’s favourite heroes. The suit, tights, special power, use special abilities (), and several more words are among the names included in this group of variables and procedures. They resemble one another quite a bit. PantherMan, on the other hand, has the power to override and add new methods and instance variables in addition to those it inherits from SuperHero. It may also alter the behaviour of techniques that originate from the SuperHero superclass and that it inherits.

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