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Head First Kotlin

Dawn Griffiths has more than twenty years of experience as a senior developer and senior software architect in the IT sector. She is the author of several Head First publications, including Head First Android Development. She and her husband, David, have created the animated video course The Agile Sketchpad as a means to teach fundamental concepts and approaches in a way that keeps your brain active and engaged. Dawn can be found practising Tai Chi, reading, jogging, making bobbin lace, or cooking when she isn’t writing books or recording videos. She likes spending time with her beautiful spouse, David, in particular.

David Griffiths has had positions as an Agile coach, a developer, and a parking attendant, but not necessarily in that sequence. He began programming at the age of 12 after seeing a documentary on Seymour Papert’s work, and by the age of 15, he had written an implementation of Papert’s computer language LOGO. Before producing Head First Kotlin, David co-authored The Agile Sketchpad video course with Dawn and published several other Head First books, including Head First Android Development. When David isn’t writing, coding, or coaching, he spends a lot of his free time travelling with his gorgeous wife, Dawn, who also happens to be a coauthor.

Both of these genii have come together and created “Head First Kotlin”. You can easily download the pdf version of this book from our website.

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Kotlin is a statically typed, type-inferred, cross-platform general-purpose programming language. Despite the fact that Kotlin is designed to operate in tandem with Java and the JVM version of Kotlin’s standard library is based on the Java Class Library, type inference allows for more concise syntax.

Kotlin will be more than simply a programming language; it will be a multi-platform ecosystem of libraries and tools that will let programmers build code in a variety of areas, including data science, gaming, mobile apps, desktop, online, and everything in between. This book will give you ample opportunity to get all the concepts of the book with minimum effort.

Head First Kotlin is a comprehensive introduction to the Kotlin programming language. This hands-on book uses a unique way to teach you Kotlin, going beyond syntax and how-to guides to show you how to think like a brilliant Kotlin developer.This multimodal learning experience is tailored to your brain’s actual functioning.

 The first chapter of this book is Getting Started: A quick dip. This chapter will give you a basic glimpse of the fascinating Kotlin coding world. Then comes Basic Types and Variables: Being a variable. In this chapter, you will learn the basics of the variables in the most artistic and illustrated manner.

 Then you will step into “Functions Getting out of main”.in this chapter you will get the concepts of the functions and the important role that these elements play in any programming language. Then comes “Classes and Objects: A bit of class”. If you have come to this stage then you can call yourself an armature coder.  Classes and objects are the ABC of every programming language.

Chapter 5 is “Subclasses and Superclasses: Using your inheritance”. Having the full concept of classes and subclasses will differentiate you from another programmer. One main advantage of this chapter is that this chapter will teach you how to reduce the length of any program.  The following chapter is “Abstract Classes and Interfaces: Serious polymorphism”. This chapter will deal with the basic concepts of every class,i.e, abstract class and class Interfaces and polymorphism.

 7th chapter of this book is “Data Classes: Dealing with data” at this stage you have already completed  191 of this book. In this chapter, you will learn how to deal with data in the most efficient way. To make things short- you will learn to execute smart work. In the  8th chapter, you will learn  “Nulls and Exceptions: Safe and sound. By the end of this chapter, it will be safe to assume that you will fall in love with the Kotlin programming language.

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