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Heart Bones

Are you looking for a romantic novel? If yes then follow the whole article because today, we are going to talk about one of the most popular breathtaking romance novel stories. The novel has a story of suspense like a magnet which fully immerses the reader in the novel page. The novel gets quite engaging because of the magnetic suspense and romance. Let me first introduce you to the novel. The name of this romantic novel is Heart Bones. As the name of the novel indicates about the Heart you can imagine it must be a story of the two-person falling in love. Heart Bones is one of the best-selling books in New York and it is mentioned in the New York Times. This fantastic novel is written by Colleen Hoover who is a successful writer of romance-based fiction. she has written many novels other than this covering the love life of the teenager. Colleen Hoover is known for young adult fiction and romance novel. She published her first novel in 2012.

Book Heart Bones pdf
AuthorColleen Hoover
Publication Independently published
Language English 
Pages 336

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The Book “Heart Bones covers the story of a boy and girl who face financial issues during their childhood. They had to do things for overcoming their financial issue. Poverty is the only thing that they get from their parents. The character of the story Samson and Beyah don’t have any common things for making things bigger and better. The things that differentiate both the character in the story is that the girl comes from a poor family and she has nothing other than poverty and negligence. The boy comes from a good and wealthy family that’s why we talk above, they had nothing in common with them. The things that connect them to each other are sad realities of things. When they saw nothing that will draw them from sadness they accepted the sad reality and craved a better path. Beyah and Samson agree to stay in a summer fling where she didn’t realize a rip current is going to drag her heart out of the sea. The first expression for themselves is the poor one and the Rich one. 

The story takes place in the mid of summer of 2015 that delivers much emotion and kindness. The story delivers a strong bond between the character and beautifully played the character. The book indicates the strong connection between Beyah and Samson. The whole story of the book is a very clean and clear caring deep emotional story. It beautifully narrated the awful childhood and uncaring addiction of a mother.

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