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Author Joe Girard, called “The World’s Greatest Salesman,” is the author of a series of popular books published by Warner Books, an AOL Time Warner subsidiary. “How to Sell Yourself,” “How to Sell Anything to Anyone,” “How to Close Every Sale,” and “Mastering Your Way to the Top” are some of the titles.

The book “How to Sell Yourself” seems to be the most essential and suitable for beginning out of these for everyone, regardless of their work or organisation, since it emphasises personal growth through the mastery of new abilities. This is due to the book’s intended audience of those just getting started.

BookHow to Sell Yourself PDF
Author Joe Girard
Language English
Page 320

Summary of How To Sell Yourself

Incorporating Your Interests into Your Work

Only one’s own opinion of the situation might be positive or bad. You might think depressing thoughts that depress your mind, or you can think uplifting thoughts that transform your whole outlook on life and the people in it. Tell yourself, “Day by day, in every area, I am improving,” and repeat it to yourself.

While reading this, vow to focus on creating positive mental pictures of yourself in the future. Then, apply your mental fortitude whenever you go out to Sell Anything. You’re selling the most popular product on the planet: yourself and excitement is the one element you should never run out of. Let’s put everything we’ve learned into practice.

There are four distinct ways to put your enthusiasm into action.

Make sure you have a goal, an idea, a project, a plan, another person, or a family to look forward to. This is the message he’s trying to get across. In another statement, he adds, “I could care less,” which is the polar opposite of excitement. It’s critical to remember this. Remember that you have 1440 minutes, 24 hours, and a day ahead of you when you wake up, which is today.

If that’s the case, I can imagine the excitement. Every day counts, and I’ll do everything I can to make it better than the last. You create a lightning bolt when you share your joy with others. Consider yourself a child who has only recently discovered the wonders of the world, and never give up hope that something amazing is just around the corner.

Simply being able to listen is a skill in and of itself.

“Despite your assurances that you understood what I said, I’m guessing you have no idea that what you heard was not the same as what I meant. Despite the fact that you believe you understand what I’m saying, you could be wrong.”

People who have been persuaded in the past by advertising or another method come in (to your company or office) looking for proof that they made the right decision. This is the most common reason for their visit. Authors are responsible for many memorable one-liners, including “Speech is silver, but silence is precious” and “Least spoken, soonest healed.” According to the author, we should communicate with simple, everyday language. Other guys are aware of them and bring them to their attention, motivating others to take action. These are words that others have heard before.

Memories are kept under control.

He invites you to create a new memory bank entry. In his analogy, memory is like a bank. As part of your daily routine, you read some information, erase some information, and record the information entered into your system. Letting your mind become clogged with irrelevant details is a bad idea. Make a fresh start every day. Make connections between the words and other things you remember using word association. It doesn’t matter how well you think you remember something; you could be mistaken.

Use repetition to your advantage and keep your mind occupied to avoid memory problems. It is easier to get things done when more people are using it. Your muscles will continue to get stronger if you keep them active. You could say the same thing about your memory.

Also, Anything that causes you stress or that you don’t need to remember, such as a painful memory, should be discarded. You can improve your memory the same way as any other skill. When it comes to remembering the past, there is no such thing as a bad memory. Trainable and non-trainable memories are the only two types of memories.

The Marketing and Sales Power of a LIE

It’s always better to tell the truth, if you’re unsure. Although the truth is invaluable, speaking it may come at a cost. You’ll have to choose between knowing the truth and making money at the end of the day.

Consider it and develop a new way of expressing it, then wrap the truth in love. Do not face someone with the harsh reality of an issue immediately soon. Don’t be obnoxious, and avoid making exaggerated claims. Keep your remarks brief and to the point. It’s a great way to pay attention to what the other person is saying.

Never expect others to keep a secret for you or rely on them. As a result, you will be unable to speak the truth. Avoid using the phrase “small white lies,” also known as “white falsehoods.” Due to the impossibility of achieving perfection, lying about being late or any other minor issue could harm your reputation. You should know better than to keep repeating white lies to yourself.

Keeping a Promise Has Its Advantages

Promises are a great indicator of your trustworthiness. You must do everything you can to maintain your commitments to yourself and others. You can’t be made to do Anything unless you’re alone. Before making any long-term plans, could you give it some thought? Ask yourself, “Am I capable of delivering on what I’ve promised?” Keeping your commitments will be much easier if you’re honest with yourself.

The author has provided a simple assignment on this subject that can be completed. A piece of paper is a great way to keep track of all the promises you make to yourself every day. He expects us to go over it every morning so that he can track our progress toward the lofty goals he has set for us.

What Does Having a Pleasant Face Imply?

Smile is the single most important thing you can do to make a sale. When you smile at someone, they are more likely to return your smile. If you frown at someone, however, he will frown back. A simple example of how the Law of Reflection can be applied.

You’ll get exactly what you put out there in terms of reciprocity. A genuine smile is always welcome. As a result, all you have to do throughout the day is smile and feel good about yourself! You can think more positively if you force a grin when you’re not in the mood.

Also, don’t forget to smile across your face when doing so. Hands, eyes, nose, and facial emotions are all involved in this exercise.

Smile not only for yourself but also for the people around you! You might say “I like you” instead of “cheese.” One of the most uplifting things you can say to someone is this.

Always go above and beyond your customers’ expectations.

If you’re asked to run five kilometres, run seven instead. You’ll gain confidence once you’ve covered a few more kilometres. One or two additional prospecting calls per day is a reasonable goal for salespeople. Make 20 calls daily if you normally make 10 calls in the morning. If you’ve been doing 20 repetitions, increase to 30, and so on. You can choose to work a few minutes longer or arrive an hour earlier each day. You’ll only have to put in a little extra effort than usual; nothing major.

Going above and beyond what is expected of you without being asked is what it means to be more than yourself. Even though you are an adult, you present yourself to others as if you are still in your twenties. Why? It’s because young people are brimming with energy and enthusiasm. It’s no secret that today’s youth are brimming with innovative ideas, methods, ambitions, and goals. It’s hard to blame today’s teenagers for wanting to set the world on fire. However, you must present yourself as an adult to be successful. This is an important step, and prior experience is required.

The book’s final chapter contains recommendations that readers can implement immediately. The author recommends, among other things, that instead of repeating the product’s features, we should focus our sales pitch on the product’s most important benefits. Attempt to understand what the customer is trying to say. Attempt to understand what he’s trying to say. Consider your customers’ needs when developing your product. Increasing your chances of making a sale is directly related to your ability to connect the consumer with the products you’re offering. Associating with positive people, sticking to your ideals, and learning to say “no” will help you maintain your stellar reputation. A competent salesperson must possess all of these characteristics.

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