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It Ends with Us

The desire of reading the romantic novel, If yes then you are landed on the right platform because today we are going to discuss one of the most romantic novels called “ It ends with us” This romantic novel is written by the famous writer Colleen Hoover.

The story of the novel starts with the romance of Lily Bloom and Ryle Kincaid. They both were involved in performing the romance. When we talk about the history of the relationship, it was growing up in an abusive home where no one uses any positive vibes the word. They both fall in love in an abusive relationship.

BookIt Ends with Us pdf
Author Colleen Hoover
Publication simon and schuster
Language English 
Pages 305

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As we talk earlier romance started with Lily and Ryle Kincaid. Lily was a young graduate student of Boston who lives their daily life under the roof of Boston. When her father died she meets with Ryle. Even she was not able to wipe the thought of their father from her mind. When they both encounter each other at the funeral of Lily’s father there develop love chemistry but sometimes it is seen that they both have a clear vision and aims in their life when it comes to dealing with life or the relationship. Here the main thing is Ryle only wants for shaking the hand friendship with lily but on the other hand lily develops a special feeling for Ryle and she was looking for building a strong relationship with him. This relationship comes to an end sometimes and again it started when Lily hires her sister of Ryle to take care of her flowers shop. When this incident took place and the Ryle sister started to work on the Lily shop which is started a month earlier a new bond started between Lily and Ryle. That was the beginning of developing the strong attention and attraction between them. Day by day the bond started to make it more powerful and it increase the attraction and emotions in the LIly hearts towards Ryle. Now, they both were interested in making the bond of relation stronger by exploring their relationship. During the whole journey of exploring the relationship and new things generate in her heart Lily that is the feeling for her dead father who remains always abusive to his mother. She used to read old journeys that she used to write when she was 15. She talks about a young homeless boy. Lily used to support them by treating him as a homeless person. The boy also supported lily for witnessing her abusive father toward her mother. The romance between Ryle and lily appears is perfect because they spend too much of their time of meeting and developing all the interests in their lives. This relationship comes to an end during dinner in Lily’s house when Ryle was apologetic and Lilly allows him to leave her. She wants to live alone because she was hurt by her words to Ryle. But Ryle wants to solve this problem by saying that he is not like her abusive father. Lily threatens him to leave if it happens again with her. They both announce their love for one another. One day when Lily and Ryle were sitting in the restaurant Atlas confronts him and he compares lily with his mother. Furious Atlas attack Ryle and through him out of the restaurant but Ryle asks for the assurance that she will not be unfaithful to him. After sometimes Atlas visited the Lily shop and ask for an apology for what he do with Ryle. He delivers a gift to the Lily that he got from the Lily a long year ago. He asks for a phone number and leaves his own phone number in case of an emergency. This shows the attachment between the Atlas and Lily. When the Atlas visited Lily on her 16th birthday he promised to find her in the near future but he was suddenly attacked by Lily’s father when her father encounters them in a room. After this incident Atlas never tried to find Lily as he promised because he knows well she has a well future with Ryle.

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