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Around the third century after the Common Era, the ancient Indian philosopher and scholar Vatsyayana Mallanaga was still alive and well. He once discussed people’s libidos and sexual drives with one of his pupils. This lecture served as the impetus for him to write the Kama Sutra, a manual for those like his pupil who had little experience with love and sensual pleasure. Vatsyayana renounced all interactions with women and material possessions to become a naisthika-Brahmacari. He didn’t believe that being alive required sexual engagement on the levels of action, speech, and cognition. The Vedic literature often provided guidelines, advice, or recommendations based on what individuals understood about the universal laws, as opposed to personal experience. This is because understanding how the universe works is more trustworthy than what humans have accomplished. Vatsyayana was a Sage and someone who understood themselves, therefore he was able to learn a lot about all of these aspects of human existence even though he didn’t personally participate in any of them. You can easily download Kamasutra PDF version from this website.

BookKamasutra pdf
Author Anne Hooper
Publisher Macmillan
Language English 
Pages 320

Summary of kama sutra

The laws for existence, which dealt with dharma, artha, and kama, are said to have been first established by Brahma, the Lord of Beings, along with men and women. Performing one’s duties, amassing money, and enjoying one’s five senses are only a few of the numerous facets of a person’s life on Earth that are referred to as dharma, artha, and kama. The Kama Sutra’s goal is to direct readers toward the experience of sexual pleasure and the realisation of love’s potential, even though many people tend to underestimate the worth of kama. Even though dharma and artha are more significant than kama and artha are more vital than kama, kama is usually performed in an incorrect manner, which causes it to get more attention than dharma and artha do. The Kama Sutra states that women should also master the kama skill of sexual intimacy in addition to men. It is encouraged that women acquire a comprehensive understanding of the sciences as well as the arts, with a specific focus on those forms of creativity that complement the Kama Sutra. The list of permissible arts for women is extensive and includes intellectual pastimes, physically healthy activities, magic, sorcery, and aphrodisiacs.

Men are classified as hares, bulls, or horses depending on the size of their lingam (or phallus). However, depending on the size of their yonis, women are either classified as deer, mares, or elephants (also known as their genitalia). To ensure that an equal union is formed, a man’s lingam should be the same size as his partner’s yoni. When a man and a woman have established that their union is equal, they are permitted to begin practising the Chatus-Shasti, commonly known as the 64 types of sexual union. To fully satisfy one’s desire for pleasure, this is done. The first position is called the Alinganam, which means “the embrace,” and the last position is called the Adhoratam, which means “the anal congress.” The author claims that “the like of each person, the creation of love, friendship, and the respect shown to the lady” determine the Chatus-Shasti that are carried out.

A man’s marriage requires the involvement of both sets of parents by having him accept a Kanya, which is Sanskrit for “virgin maid.” It is also suggested that the marriage’s auspiciousness be confirmed by other astrologers. The newlywed pair should refrain from any sexual pleasures for the first three days after their wedding. It is the male’s responsibility to boost the woman’s self-confidence and gradually introduce her to the variety of sexual pleasure options available. Over ten days, the male should keep boosting her confidence until she is completely open to sexual closeness and is not hindered by her nervousness about it. This increase in self-assurance is very important because a man has to be able to recognise the signs that indicate that a woman is not just prepared for a sexual relationship but also that her love has developed to the point where he may exercise his natural dominance over her. In other words, a man must be able to recognise the signs that a female is not just prepared for a sexual relationship but also something more.

There are four different types of love: one that develops out of habit, one that results from imagination, one that is mutual and is envisioned by both parties, and one that is not recognised as such by the persons involved but is rather recognised by the general public. The primary responsibility of a woman is to make her home habitable for her family; this includes keeping it clean, putting food on the table every single day, keeping it well-maintained, and keeping it self-sufficient. One of a woman’s responsibilities is to prepare the meals, and she must be careful to consider both what her husband enjoys eating and what is healthy for him. If the first wife exhibits foolishness or ill-temper, is despised by her husband, is unable to have children, or regularly has girls, a man may marry a second wife, whom the first wife must care for as if she were a daughter.

The fifth part delves into the fundamental differences between men and women, showing, for instance, that women are more likely to have intense feelings of love that have no apparent basis. To put it another way, a woman will naturally shy away from a man because of the intensity of her love, and she will need to be persuaded and sought out repeatedly to gain her confidence in the person who may be able to explain such intense sentiments. Men are afraid of rejection, but the Kama Sutra contends that men should see rejection as a sign of the natural resistance of women and that those who are the most tenacious and devoted discover real love. This book contains valuable advice for men on how to woo women. These methods include acting boastfully in front of the female to show her how strong, exceptional, or attractive he is, as well as using pals and dootis (also known as go-betweens). Both men and women must pay close attention to the other person’s particular behaviours to regulate and maybe modify their seduction. On the other side, a king is immune from all of this and is allowed to have as many wives as he pleases without going through the whole seduction process. This is so that a king may be above all of it. If he develops feelings for a woman, all he has to do is abduct her and falsely charge her with a crime to bring her into his royal court.

The sixth part of this book discusses the courtesan, also referred to as the vaishika. The Kama Sutra claims that men unquestionably need the assistance of a courtesan, either to ensure that they will always have someone to turn to in times of need or to boost their confidence before beginning the search for a bride. As long as one has a positive and respectable attitude, being a courtesan is not associated with any societal shame. This is because certain women are born into the life of a courtesan, depending on their caste and circumstances of birth. To ensure her safety, a courtesan must take care to draw desirable clients and lovers, as well as suited bodyguards; but, the most important thing for a courtesan to do is to ensure that the clients she chooses are reliable sources of financial support. One must become an expert at lies and manipulation if one wants to make a living as a courtesan. To do this, it is necessary to engage in extensive game-playing, dishonesty, and flattery. A vaishika must depart as soon as she realises the guy is becoming disinterested in her to prevent letting him leave her. The only way to guarantee she doesn’t get left behind is to do it.

This book also offers a concise investigation of sexual folklore and offers tips on how to improve one’s physical appearance to increase one’s sexual attractiveness for both men and women. Products destined for use on the body, particularly the genitalia, fall under this category. Additionally, there are instructions provided for making natural treatments that might treat a variety of sexual deficits, such as a lack of stamina, impotence, sexual capacity, etc. A person who is intelligent and wise, who pays attention to dharma, artha, and kama as well, without allowing himself to become the slave of his desires, finds success in everything he may try, according to the author’s conclusion.

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