Karma Book PDF Download by Sadhguru

Karma Book PDF Download

Karma plays a vital role in living life in a balanced and systematic way. It always deals with good thoughts and ensures that at the end of the day no one gets hurt through the words. The book “Karma” is written by the yogi Sadhgure. Karma Full Book PDF Download Free

Sadhgure effectively explores the meaning of Karma and provided a huge amount of information that can help you in crafting your destiny. The book covers the different types of karma and delivers all the valuable concepts to live a happy life.

Book NameKarma: A Yogi’s Guide to Crafting Your Destiny

Summaries of the Book “Karma”

The book starts with the story of the famous person Shankaran Pillai. The guru is talking about the story of the Shankaran Pillai. The story of the book begins with the ultra-luxury yacht. Shankaran Pillai bought a 10 million luxury yacht for his new bride. He takes them into the sea but due to changes in the environment, a great disaster takes place in which the yacht gets totally destroyed. Shankaran and his wife jump into the sea and they reach an island. Shankaran Pillai starts to concentrate on their mind and on another hand, his wife is thinking about getting out from the island. His wife started to scold the Shankaran Pillai but Shankarn start to deliver the story of their beginning life. The beginning story of the Shankar deals with a loan amount where he has taken a loan for study but without returning the loan amount he took a flight to newyork. After three months he gets caught by the police. After these incidents, he reached California where he think about buying a car. An idea strikes on his mind that if he is taking a car with the loan amount he is supposed to buy a luxurious car. He take a loan amount of 2 million a bought a roll royals. After buying a roll royal for him he ran away to Origen city. He bought a house for 5 million in Origen and visited Mexico without returning the loan amount. But after 6 months he gets caught by the Mexico police. Then after he said after going through all these situations they marry his wife and bought an ultra luxuries yacht for him. He didn’t even pay a single EMI of the yacht. So, he told his wife not to worry because they believe that the loaners will definitely find him. Then the Satguru says no one in this world can escape from karma. One of the most dangerous words used in this world is “Karma”. And now is the time to understand the right concept of Karma.

Chapter 1:Karma, the eternal Enigma

Satguru described their own experience of karma. Satguru never sees karma as a book. He is dealing with karma according to his experience. The book is special for those who always want to know about what is karma?, How karma evolves? and when the cycle of karma begins? One should always take the charge of karma. The Satguru is taking the word karma very seriously and staging that it is an important part of human life in shaping the lifestyle of human beings. Through the advantages of karma, you can take the charges of your entire life? The author Satguru says that if you are not sufficient enough to take the challenges of all the activities of your life then you shouldn’t read this book. Next in the chapter, Satugure described the Karmik Cycle. He said mainly there are 3 different types of Karm. The 3 different types of Karm are Physical, mental, and energy. These three stages of Karm define the karma of the people.

Chapter 2: Volition, the basis of Karma

Here in this chapter, Satguru describes life as not happy or worse. It is that what you made it. If you made it effectively then the Karama is always positive for you. No one should ever think about killing others as it interlinks many of the Karma within you. The worse thing is when you do not accept the current situation of life and always try to escape then it takes a great disadvantage to Karm. If you experience the current situation of life and feel it then Karm gets vanished. The same things about the Karm are described by the lord Shree Krishna in the Mahabharata. Lord Krishna says a well-educated person can never feel the current situation of life. They can’t able to spend the day happily. The most important thing about living your life happily is fell all the things of your way which come and go quickly. If you live every moment of your life then it’s a great opportunity to define your Karm. The Karm is in what way you are dealing with the things rather than what is happening with you. It’s a deep word about the “Karm” you must understand these things. Satguru says no matter what is happening in your life just enjoy it rather than think more about it. Just enjoy and accept what is coming in your life.

Chapter 3: Karma As memory

You must be thinking from where the memory comes. With the 5 sensitive organs of the body whatever we see, hear, taste, or touch. All these are captured by the memory. The presence of cells in the human body remember about all the incidents of the human. Life always shows you about your Karam but the problem is you are just focussing on yourself or your society. If you focus on your life then nothing will be more important than your life activity. You are always addicted to hearing the outer world. The Satguru talks about different types of memory such as elemental memory, Atomic memory, Evolutionary memory, Genetic memory, Karmic Memory, Sensory memory, Articulate Memory, and Inarticulate memory. These 8 different types of memory define the karma of a person. The guru says behind every person there is a huge impact of Karma.

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