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According to The New York Times, one of the best-selling books is Ali Hazelwood’s The Love Hypothesis. She has also authored several neuroscience articles that have undergone peer review. In these works, no one triumphs, and a happy ending is not promised. She was raised and completed her elementary education in Italy. Before returning to the US to pursue a Ph.D. in neuroscience, she first visited Germany and Japan. Concerned about her new job as a lecturer, she had been. When Ali is not working, she likes to watch science fiction films with her two cats, go on walks, and eat cake pops (and her slightly-less-feline husband).

What Marie Curie would do has been Bee’s guiding principle throughout her life. Like a vengeful purple-haired Jedi bringing peace to a world ruled by men. Since Marie has always suffered in the classroom, she would jump at the chance to lead a NASA neuro-engineering project. After all these years, this would be her dream, and she would seize the chance to make it happen. Duh. However, no one ever expected the man who created modern physics to replace Levi.

BookLove On The Brain
Author Ali Hazelwood
Publisher Sphere 
Language English 

Summary of Love On The Brain

This New York Times best-selling author of The Love Hypothesis has written what may be categorized as a STEMinist romantic comedy. The most ferocious foe of a scientist is forced to study alongside him in this book, with devastating results for both of them.

What would Marie Curie do? This is a question Bee Konigswasser asks herself while making decisions about problems or opportunities in her daily life. This rule is followed by Bee Konigswasser as if she were a furious Jedi master with purple hair bringing order to a universe made by people. Marie would be thrilled to get the chance to oversee a NASA neuro-engineering project after years of struggling to make ends meet in academics. It would be the realization of her dream. Duh. Levi Ward was never on the same leadership level as her, even though she is widely referred to as the “mother of modern physics.”

Levi is an extremely handsome young man. His eyes look right through you; he is tall with dark skin. She had difficulties on her first day at the lab, and he helped her out with powerful, corded arms, much like in a love story. She was unintentionally put in danger on her first day in the lab, and he saved her. While in graduate school, Levi, on the other hand, was forthright about his affections for Bee. He said that archenemies work best in separate galaxies far remote from one another.

Due to the theft of some of her equipment and the team’s disregard for her, Bee’s position is now in danger. Bee is unsure whether her occipital cortex is deceiving her. Still, she is aware that Levi is becoming a more significant ally for her since he supports her performances, values her ideas, and seems to see her right through. Bee senses that Levi is becoming a better friend, but she’s unsure whether this is true or if her perception is faulty. Her anxiousness has increased due to the likely possibility of triggering a chain reaction in her nervous system. Bee Konigswasser has to respond to one question when facing a decision and the potential for emotional injury.

Seeing “Love on the Brain” gave me a lot of joy. This book parallels The Love Hypothesis with a female STEM hero, an enemies-to-lovers connection, a depressing male love interest, misunderstandings, amusing and embarrassing pranks, and more. However, it is a lot of fun and looks like a new and interesting hobby.

I admire Bee’s self-assurance and charm and her fun and eccentric personality. Additionally, she has a great sense of humor. Although Bee is incredibly brilliant, she tends to overcommunicate when anxious, which may sometimes be embarrassing. She is always thinking about Marie Curie. I like her self-assurance in her skills and talents and her will to overcome her fear.

 I want to hang out with her and get matching tattoos or change our hair colors simultaneously since she is strong and motivated. She is a person of strength, grit, and determination. She and her friends (but not her ex-friends; they’re horrible!) would be someone I’d like to spend time with since I’d enjoy their conversation, sense of humor, and interactions with one another. However, the people she used to hang out with are the type of people I want to stay away from.

Could we talk about Levi Ward? Levi Ward, I love you despite your awkwardness, intellect, compassion, and sexiness. I’m genuinely concerned about you! For a very long time, Levi had been hiding his genuine sentiments behind a glum and irritable fa├žade. He has maintained a covert crush on Bee, a secret. When Bee finds out how much Levi despises her, she is not surprised. What else would she need to think about? Bee grows to appreciate Levi as a good man the more time she spends with him. She also starts to understand the range of his feelings and realizes she may not have understood what he did before. She has also realized that she is starting to understand why he behaves the way he does.

Even if Bee and Levi don’t get along right away, it’s intriguing to see them develop into friends and then into something more. Conflicts between Bee and Levi ultimately result in a beautiful love story. I’m very sorry! I like reading stories about couples that fall in love and go on to do funny things, have amusing conversations, and have tender moments, as when Levi aches for Bee. Levi and Bee both had enough of it. Some liken their story to “You’ve Got Mail” and “The Hating Game” storylines. These similarities represent the most likely cause of what happened. The fact that they can do cutting-edge research while also facing their emotions and dismantling the obstacles that have kept them apart fascinates me.

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