People we meet on vacation Pdf Download

People we meet on vacation Pdf Download

People We Meet on Vacation is of Emily Henry’s New York Times bestsellers books. It is highly recommended to read. you can easily download the pdf from this site She creates stories for both teens and adults about love and family. She lives in Cincinnati, Ohio, and the surrounding Kentucky region after studying creative writing at Hope College and the New York Center for Art & Media Studies.

New York Times bestsellers are Beach Read (2020) and People We Meet on Vacation (2021). Both novels include a holiday setting and the attraction of opposites: a serious, literary hero and a fun-loving heroine. People we meet on vacation Pdf

Summary | People we meet on vacation Full Book Pdf Download

Poppy and Alex are a couple. Alex and Poppy are a couple. There isn’t a single thing they have in common. 

He’s in khakis, and she’s dressed, similar crazy kid. He would rather read a book at home, but she has an insatiable need to travel. They’ve been great buddies since a disastrous automobile journey home from college many years ago. They spent a large part of their time away from each other. He was in a little town whereas she was in New York. But they were united for the summer vacation of the previous decade. Until they ruined everything two years ago. Since then, they haven’t talked.

Poppy has all she needs, but she just can’t seem to get out of her rut. When others ask her when she was last genuinely happy, she remembers that disastrous vacation with Alex.

As a result, she intends to persuade her closest friend to accompany her on one final trip—to lay everything on the table and make things right. Surprisingly, he agrees. 

She now has a week to get things in order. If she could just get over the one significant flaw that has always hung over their seemingly perfect relationship. What’s the worst that might happen?

Henry tells readers the evolution (and disintegration) of Poppy and Alex’s friendship in chapters that hop around in time. Their slow-burn love story incorporates familiar romantic tropes (such as Poppy’s reconciliation vacation having only one bed) while remaining completely original. The bright, frequently laugh-out-loud-funny dialogue, particularly the banter-filled discussions between Poppy and Alex, is Henry’s greatest asset. Poppy’s unresolved sentiments toward the difficult portions of her past, as well as her discontent with a life that should be making her happy, make her a sympathetic and relatable character.

The end result is a story that pays homage to classic romantic comedies while maintaining its own unique point of view.


There are various topics in People We Meet on Vacation. Friendship is the first theme. As the novel explores Poppy and Alex’s friendship and the events that result, this concept is extensively featured in the book. After meeting in college, Poppy and Alex strike up a friendship. Given Alex and Poppy’s great contrasts, other facets of the connection, such as their immense compatibility, are equally unexpected.

Alex and Poppy’s connection becomes sporadic, but they become lifelong friends after deciding to accept love and live together as husband and wife. Their friendship goes through a lot of ups and downs, and they don’t see or talk to each other for extended periods of time—up to two years. However, despite all of the tumult and upheaval, the friendship stands the test of time.

The theme of love is a second topic that runs throughout the book. This subject develops from the friendship concept and also contributes to the plot of the novel. Alex and Poppy were clearly in love with one other during their trip to Palm Springs, albeit covertly. Their friendship has lasted years because of their love for each other. Poppy had a number of different lovers who could cater to her desire for adventure and travel. She also had nearly everything she desired.

Furthermore, the notion of second chances is extensively highlighted in the story. Alex and Poppy are only able to stay together because of the second chances they give each other after their disagreements. After their time together in college ended and they moved to different parts of the country, one might anticipate Poppy and Alex’s interest in each other to dwindle. They do, however, give each other a second chance to meet each summer for a trip, which has become an annual tradition that they look forward to.


A narrative about a traveller and a homebody whose friendship develops over the course of a dozen summer holidays is “People We Meet on Vacation”.Finally, as the major characters in People We Meet on Vacation, Poppy and Alex play an important role in the plot. The two’s actions generate an interesting plot since it takes a dual timeline to explain Poppy and Alex’s past and present lives. The plot revolves around various themes, including friendship, love, and second chances, all of which impact Alex and Poppy’s experiences throughout the novel.

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