Resisting Happiness PDF Download By Matthew Kelly

Resisting Happiness PDF Download

Matthew Kelly is known all over the world for his motivational speeches and business advisory. He is an aspiring author and along with that, he is deeply connected with Floyd Consulting.  You can download a free Resisting Happiness pdf and read it whenever you like.

BookResisting Happiness: A True Story about Why We Sabotage Ourselves
AuthorMatthew Kelly

Resisting Happiness: A True Story about Why We Sabotage Ourselves Book PDF Download

Everyone wants to be content. However, every time you reach for pleasure, it seems to slip away, replaced by worry and strain. Because contentment is so vital, it’s impossible to quantify it, but it does come at the cost of hard work. The problem is that figuring out just where to put in the effort to make it happen isn’t always easy. There are a plethora of paths you may take in the digital age to try to achieve a sense of well-being. The key is to find the ones that are right for you.

Surprisingly, you should start your search for happiness by figuring out what’s bothering you. Once you’ve identified these roadblocks, you may start removing them to enable pleasure to reign supreme in your life.

Matthew Kelly’s book Resisting Happiness is all about figuring it all out. You’ll discover what pragmatism, philosophy, and Kelly’s own experiences have to say about how to overcome the obstacles that prevent you from experiencing true happiness in life. And you’ll learn how to take each step in your own life to get there.

Three of the most valuable principles that the book will teach you

  • If you want to achieve higher importance in life, remember to read and realize that money isn’t everything.
  • Find out what it’s like to be alone.
  • Practice deferring pleasure and surround yourself with exceptional people to reach your full potential.

Let’s go straight to the point and see what Kelly has to say about happiness. Reading wasn’t at the top of my priority list in college. It was difficult to balance a busy academic schedule with a social life while yet finding time to read a decent book. But what I didn’t realize was that one of the things holding me back from happiness was my lack of reading.

Reading is now a critical window into the world around me for me. And when I select the right authors, it’s as if I’m getting their advice there next to me while I attempt to figure anything out. Consider books as friends to whom you may turn for solace when life becomes too much. 

Another factor that may be preventing you from experiencing pleasure is focusing too much on money. You do need it, but looking for opportunities to assist others without expecting anything in return is a certain approach to happiness. Consider the following scenario. The author approaches his next-door neighbour Joe and offers him $1,000 an hour to design trees for the elementary school across the street. Joe works for a couple of hours half-heartedly and emerges prosperous but empty.

Compare this to Joe’s reaction if the author approached him and asked him to volunteer his time. Instead of merely being paid, he might work hard all day to achieve what the school requires, and as a result, he would be happier and more satisfied.

This book teaches us how to use seclusion to strengthen our relationship with ourselves. When the author was in college, he was having relationship problems and tried what he thought was a ridiculous idea at the time. I took a day off work and planned to spend the whole day by myself. 

he even forgot to bring my phone!

It was one of the most unforgettable and lovely days of his life. He spent time eating food he like, going on a picnic in the mountains, and watching one of his favorite movies. Unknowingly, he had dismantled one of the most common roadblocks to happiness: experiencing the joy of being alone with oneself.

Loneliness may be a bad idea, especially if you’re used to being surrounded by others all of the time. You might even go to great lengths to avoid it, making poor decisions and engaging in unhealthy relationships. Consider this: by spending more time alone, you’re cultivating a relationship with the one person you’ll never be without—yourself! It may seem counterintuitive, but spending more time alone might help you cope with loneliness.

Every time you plan to spend time alone, you have the chance to dive deeper into who you actually are. In fact, this is the only opportunity you’ll get to get to know your personality, so make the most of it!

You’ll need strong partners and practice deferring pleasure if you want to reach your full potential. Being alone is necessary, but it is not sufficient. If you want to be really happy, you must have friends, but the right kind of friends. The author was terrified of social situations in tenth grade. He was so afraid that he wouldn’t even ask a girl out on a date. But, at the start of the next year, he met a group of friends who made everything better.

He began spending a lot of time with one in particular, who had a profound impact on my life. He urged me to invite a lady to the Homecoming dance the first weekend we met. He didn’t want to, but he knew it was in my best interests, so he went ahead and did it. He not only had a great time, but he also pushed me out of my comfort zone and grew as a person. In the months that followed, he transformed from an uneasy and shy young boy to a much more confident young man. he wouldn’t be who he is now if it weren’t for the help of those that cared about my achievement!

Don’t keep sabotaging your ability to reach your full potential by associating with individuals who aren’t up to standard. Find a new network of friends, and look for people who will push you to be your best self. It will enhance your life, and you will find a great deal of enjoyment along the way!

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