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Rich Dad Poor Dad PDF Download

Rich dad poor dad is one of the most popular and best-known books for financial literacy, financial independence, and multiply wealth. The book teaches you about the importance of owning a business or investing in real estate. This decent book is written by Robert Kiyosaki and Sharon Lechter. You can start diving deeper into the knowledge of financial independence and start developing your skills. The book aware people of personal finance and makes them learn all about building a business empire. The book has deeply encouraged people to start thinking about the business opportunity along with the job. If you are getting a decent salary from your job then also you should think about investing your money in real estate or business. The book is an all-time favourite for personal finance and challenges people to step into the business world. It deals with the story of two dads who both work according to their own thinking. The book will show you the basic difference between assets and liabilities. By going through the book Rich dad poor dad you will be able to set yourself for a healthy and wealthy future. The book is easy to read and understand. Let’s look at the summaries of the book highlighted below.

Summaries of Rich Dad Poor Dad and PDF Download

To get successful in financial freedom financial education is must necessary for the person. From the expert’s guide if you are willing to increase your financial knowledge then you have to read many books based on financial education. An American author Robert Kiyosaki is one of the famous books among them for introducing you to financial literacy. People used to read these types of books for achieving their life goals or to be successful. It s one of the most famous books for financial literacy. The whole content of the book is based on the real involvement of the author and the book shares their real-life experience.

In the book, the author described their two father, one poor dad, and another rich dad. They give the title of rich dad to their friend’s father whereas poor dad to their own father. His real dad is a well knowledged and hard-working person. He is a teacher by profession but has a poor financial status so, the author called his real father a poor dad. But his friend’s father passed 8 class but due to his strong financial status, he is known as one of the most famous businessmen. So, Robert calls them rich dad in his book. In the whole story, their rich dad of Robert teaches them 6 life-changing pieces of knowledge which are very effective for changing life, becoming rich, and maintaining wealth. The 6 life-changing lessons by Robert can change the lifestyle of people anywhere in the world and make them rich. It doesn’t depend on whether they are well educated or not. The lessons are discussed below

Rich don’t work for money, money work for them: The rich dad tells the maximum percentage of people are caught in the rat race. The only intention of the people is to study in a good college and make a decent salary. They can’t realize that they work very hard but they can’t get decent results. In fact, if they come to realize then due to fear and greed they remain part of their job. Rich dad says a person must live their fear and take themselves out from the rat race. You should do such work where money will work for your not you will work for the money. Money only makes money. So, you have to do such things in your life where your entire money will create a new opportunity for you to double your money. If you are ready to do so and live your dear then no one can stop you from financial freedom.

Keeping money is more important than making it: There are lots of celebrities in the world who were very rich but now they have nothing in their hand. This happens due to a lack of knowledge on financial freedom. They get huge money but they can’t maintain the wealth and grow their wealth. Everything in the world is known as an asset but the author says the house is not an asset. Assets are those that can multiply your money in a time of need. To become rich only making money is not enough you should always focus on learning how money can be managed.

Get in your business along with your job: If a person finds a decent job in life then they invest their whole life in doing that work rather than focussing anything. But the authors say, every one person in the world can do business along with their job. Without leaving their decent job they can build a new business empire. Just take an example of the world’s fastest food chain MC Donalds, people think they get money only through fast food but the real business of mc is real estate. While doing the business of fast food they greatly build an empire in real estate. Just like the MC a normal person can use their potential to build a source of income along with their job. Investing in the stock market, running a business, or adding money to real estate is an effective way to make a huge source of income. Author advice all the person to invest in real estate, and the stock market to sustain their life. By including all these things in life anyone can become rich and get financial independence before retirement.

Taxes are for the middle class and poor: The author deal with the history of the tax. Tax is a system to eliminate the difference between the poor and rich. Earlier only rich people used to pay tax which was invested for the poor people. Now, everything is going the opposite way. All the well-trained business leaders cut the cost of tax money. Every businessman focuses on making the money rather than focusing on fulfilling their desire. Later they used the money to achieve their dream. While the middle and lower class people pay tax and the remaining account they invest in themselves.

The rich invest money: When we talk about the big businessman of the world who brought many different ideas which the people never think of. With the revolutionary idea, the businessman is capable of acquiring more money. It is said that they didn’t make money they really invest the money because they bring ideas that are not present in the world. A person must think about investing the money rather than all-time focusing on making the money. It will increase the cash flow and make to reach up to an independent life.

The rich focus on learning and know-how to sell: Due to a lack of resources and ideas every person can’t invent money. The person can make things better but due to a lack of learning, they can’t reach the large crowd. A rich man never stops learning things. They read many books and acquire the best knowledge. If you follow the same habit then you can bring your idea to a huge level.

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Money is the most important thing in today’s time, if you have money then you have everything. In today’s time, almost everyone wants that they have a lot of money and have cars. But dreaming is easy and fulfilling it is very difficult that’s why not all people are able to fulfil their dream.

There are also many people who work very hard day and night but they do not have the knowledge to save money or are also unaware of how to use the money, due to which they never become rich.

Almost everyone thinks that he should study well and after completing his studies, do a good job so that his future can run well. But it is not necessary every time because many people have been seen in India who are very educated yet they earn very little money.

To earn money it is not necessary that you just focus on your studies. There are many ways to earn money, you just have to take good care of that path. You must have seen that when we go to any big city, then the people working in 5-star hotels there earn a lot of money even though they are not educated.

All these things show that we cannot depend only on studies or jobs to earn money. There are many different ways to earn money, we should see the work according to our desire and ability.

The title of Rich Dad Poor Dad tells a wonderful story that inspires us a lot. In this story there is a Robert Kiyosaki who has two fathers, to say two fathers means one is his own father who gave birth to him and the other father was his friend’s father but Robert Kiyosaki calls him his father. Robert Kiyosaki’s father was very poor though he was very educated and on the other hand, the father of Robert Kiyosaki’s friend did not even complete his school education but still he is very rich. Both of them had different opinions about money.

Robert Kiyosaki’s father was close and his friend’s father was very rich as they both had different thinking. Below we will discuss some special points which were the difference in the lifestyle of Robert Kiyosaki’s father and his friend’s father.

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