Secrets of divine love Pdf Download

Secrets of divine love Pdf Download

A.Helwa’s the Secrets of divine love is an inspiration in itself. So waste no time downloading it from our website. The author has beautifully depicted the deep inherent connection between god and an individual. So read this book to reside your whole life in uttermost calmness. Secrets of divine love Pdf Download

About Secrets of divine love by A.Helwa Pdf Download

Secrets of Divine Love uses the Qur’an’s spiritual secrets, old mystical poetry, and stories from the world’s greatest prophets and spiritual masters to help you rekindle your faith, conquer your doubts, and develop your relationship with God. 

You will get the tools and awareness needed to recognise and overcome the negative inner critic that keeps you from experiencing God’s all-encompassing love via the use of scientific facts, practical exercises, and guided meditations.

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Teachings of the Secrets of divine love

  1. What your Divine destiny is and why you were created 
  2. Why is death the beginning of eternal life rather than the end? 
  3. How to clean your heart’s mirror so you can see God everywhere 
  4. How to repent in such a way that your sins become good acts 
  5. How God has already provided you with all you require to reach out to Him. 
  6. How to control your ego and open your heart 
  7. Why were you created for something other than dying and going to heaven?

Summary of Secrets of divine love

Secrets of Divine Love delves into the inner workings of Islamic rituals, uncovering their meaning and philosophy in the process of guiding us to a new and profoundly powerful vision of God and, eventually, our own reality. “Life isn’t about going to heaven when we die; it’s about living in the palace of God’s everlasting presence while you’re alive.” 

We are already pulled to a different vision of Allah that we may not have grown up with, thanks to the prominence and growing popularity of inspiring and positive figures like Sheikh Javad Shomali and Sayed Hussain Makke.

The focus switched from Allah’s unfailing justice, which sees all of creation held accountable for their actions, to His boundless love and benevolence. 

“God’s omnipresence, transcendence, and unfathomable essence will always be attempted to be condensed into an understandable shape or formula by the human brain.” In the poem below, Rumi discusses this predisposition: the truth was a mirror in God’s hands. It shattered and landed on the floor. Everyone seized a piece of it and believed they had discovered the truth.”

The focus switched from Allah’s unfailing justice, which sees all of creation held accountable for their actions, to His boundless love and benevolence. 

Ramadan teaches us that discipline and restrictions do not limit our freedom, but rather lay the groundwork for ultimate liberation. We are enslaved by our addictions. We are enslaved by our attachments to our desires.” Helwa expresses herself like follows: 

Although Islam’s practises, beliefs, and teachings are not our final destination, they are vital provisions on the way to Allah.”

It’s easy to lose sight of our need for Allah and our complete reliance on him when we pursue our unending material goals in this world. “The void we carry inside, that we so desperately desire to fill, comes from the feeling of once being united with all of existence,” says the author. 

Deep, thought-provoking, and well-picked quotes from academicians, mystics, and poets of all faiths pepper the book.

She not only explains Allah’s infinite love and mercy for all of his creatures, but her proofs and evidence form a loving embrace that reassures and encourages the reader to aspire to realise their full potential with Allah’s tender assistance at every step: “God’s kindness accepts us as we are, yet He loves us too much to allow us to remain unchanged.” Perhaps this is why Imam Al-Sadiq stated, “Is iman anything other than love?”


The book examines our roles as human beings through the perspective of the Creator, rather than our own. It’s difficult to resist the overpowering feeling of love and belonging when surrounded by stunning diamonds and wise words. “You are an immortal spirit trapped in the mortal embrace of clay.” “You are a spiritual person living this human being miracle, not a human being supposed to be spiritual,” writes poet Aru Barzak.

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