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Brian Tracy is a motivational speaker and consultant in Solana Beach, California, with a following of over 250,000 people. He is highly recognized as one of the top speakers and consultants in the industry. His numerous works are Goals, Eat That Frog!, Focal Point, Create Your Future, and The Power of Charm.

BookSpeak to Win : How to Present with Power in any Situation 
Author Brian Tracy
Publication Amacom
Language English 
Pages 208

Summary of Speak to Win : How to Present with Power in any Situation

Brian Tracy is a well-known author and public speaker who has amassed a sizable wealth due to his efforts. Tracy emphasizes as she did in her last lecture, the importance of meticulously planning every aspect of a speech and how it should flow logically from one point to the next. In her opinion, this is the key to an effective presentation. Rehearse your speech as many times as required until it is flawless. It’s difficult to disagree with any of them. That’s exactly what they’re claiming. You must show respect for your audience by not wasting their time. Tracy should probably listen to his advice more frequently, but it does happen. Despite the list’s and concepts’ utility, the repetition is excessive. His eight elements of every lengthy speech are a recurring motif in this text, and he refers to them often. Tracy is experienced in all elements of organizing speaking engagements, creating speeches, and successfully delivering them. As getAbstract attests, almost every page of this book has useful insights that readers may apply to improve their public speaking skills. It occurs twice now and then.

discover how to overcome your fear and advance your profession.

 A few years ago, I delivered a one-day lecture to a group of executives on CEO performance. I emphasized the significance of being able to influence people via excellent communication throughout the presentation.

As a direct consequence of witnessing me speak that day, he stated my words prompted him to seek out public speaking training. He contacted me and told me about it. He’d had enough with his supervisors dismissing him and not considering him for promotion.

A year later, I got a letter from him in which he detailed his experience. He didn’t waste any time putting his decision into action. He joined the Toastmasters organization in his neighborhood and started going to meetings regularly. After each meeting, each participant was given a score based on how well they spoke on the topic and how much time they spent standing up and speaking.

Toastmasters uses a method known as “Desensitization in an organized manner. Repeating an action may develop tolerance and, eventually, your body desensitize. The more you speak in public, the simpler it will get to conquer your concerns and anxieties.

He also spent fourteen weeks studying Dale Carnegie’s approach. He had to deliver a speech in front of his students in every class. It has to be done. After only six months of giving multiple speeches of varying durations to amicable gatherings of his coworkers, his nervousness about speaking in front of big groups of people evaporated. Fear was replaced with confidence in his ability to communicate ideas to a group of people.

The keys to the residence are handed to you.

During his personal and professional growth, there was a little crisis in the engineering business where he worked. At a certain time, one of the partners had to give a presentation to employees of a client firm. The partner was unable to attend the meeting due to an illness.

Instead of presenting the idea personally, the businessman’s manager questioned his readiness to put it together and present it. He gladly agreed to shoulder the responsibility. He worked diligently on his preparations throughout the evening and the following morning. This was followed by an outstanding presentation of his company’s services in the customer’s office, which resulted in his new employer hiring him on the spot!

When he returned, his employer informed him that the CEO of the potential client had phoned to thank him for sending someone to provide such an excellent presentation of the company’s services.

He was routinely sent out on sales calls with the company’s perspective and presented to customers at the end of his first week on the job. He was promoted once and then re-promoted. He quickly rose through the ranks and became a partner due to his speedy advancement. He informed me that a paradigm shift occurred in his life when he decided to focus on his public speaking and then took the necessary steps to make that choice a reality.

Winning requires effective communication.

Isn’t it about time you boosted your self-confidence? Every job requires communicating effectively in front of a group of people. However, an additional factor heightens the importance of mastering the skill of public speaking. According to psychologists, self-esteem, sometimes known as “how much you like yourself,” is essential in determining the quality of your inner and outside existence. Your ability to speak effectively and gracefully will directly affect your self-esteem. Your self-esteem will increase in lockstep with your self-assurance. People can tell whether you have a good attitude about life and are comfortable in your skin by how you act around them. Your health improves, your happiness rises, and your perspective on life improves because of being comfortable with who you are.

Boost Your Self-Confidence.

Improve your communication abilities while also increasing your self-esteem! A metaphor for how you view yourself is an “inner mirror.” It’s how you see yourself and feel about yourself before, during, and after a competition or other activity.

Your performance will increase if you are more confident in your abilities and self-worth. It has been shown that seeing oneself achieving at one’s best before an event or activity improves performance.

Each member in this room is acutely aware of the thoughts and emotions of others around them and holds them in high respect. To quote Somerset Maugham, “the ultimate purpose of every action we do in life is to acquire the respect of others, or at least our own.”

 At the very least, preserve their adoration.” Consequently, if you have exceptional public speaking skills, your audience will value and respect you more. As a consequence, you start to cherish and appreciate yourself more. Your self-esteem will grow due to the positive feedback you get from others due to your outstanding communication.

As a result, you have a more optimistic attitude toward yourself and have more favorable views about yourself. You start to have a feeling of inner strength. You move, talk, and act with greater assurance.

Enhance your communication abilities.

One of the most appealing aspects is the notion that public speaking is a talent that can be mastered. For whatever reason, the vast majority of individuals who are now considered excellent speakers were previously unable to pray silently when imprisoned in a phone booth. Many individuals who seem confident and eloquent in front of an audience used to be terrified of having to get up and talk in front of an audience.

You should strive to be in the top 10% of all global communicators. Remind yourself that practically everyone in the top 10% of today’s society started in the bottom 10%… You should do this regularly. Everyone who is doing well now started in a much worse circumstance. When Harv Eker talks on this issue, he adds that every master was once a catastrophe.

At some time in your life, you’ve undoubtedly heard that repetition is the key to success. Others feel that the only way to achieve perfection is via continuous, long-term training. It’s crucial to understand that there will never be perfect practice. As you learn to speak in front of an audience, you’ll make a lot of little and big blunders. Anxiety and feelings of inadequacy are quite frequent. You’ll forget to say the right things if you talk improperly, which is double horrible. You’ll stutter and slur your way through it and worry whether you’ll ever get it right!

Try something new instead of sticking to your usual routine.

However, if you want to master public speaking or any other subject, you must be ready to go outside your comfort zone. To advance, you must be willing to suffer through moments of pain and clumsiness as part of your growth and development. Demosthenes, a well-known ancient Greek orator, may be familiar to you, regarded as one of the greatest in his area. When he first started, he struggled with stuttering and a speech impediment, both aggravated by his anxiety and shyness. He was, nonetheless, adamant about improving his public speaking abilities. He would shout at the waves for many hours each day, shoving stones in his mouth and calling for aid. With time, he overcame his stuttering and other speaking difficulties. His voice became more resonant, robust, and confident as the volume increased. He has been acclaimed as one of the greatest orators of history.

This book will teach you how to speak confidently, effectively, and clearly in less time. This book is recommended for those who are new to public speaking. This book’s insights into the most effective methods and tactics used by successful speakers in every field—from politics to business to personal life—will significantly assist experienced public speakers. The author will share these techniques, strategies, and processes.

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