The 48 Laws of Power PDF Download

The 48 Laws of Power PDF Download

Robert Greene has brilliantly archives all the qualities that one should have to improve wholesomely in this book The 48 laws of power. You can easily get a pdf version of this book from our website. This book will definitely help you to become the best version of yourself in every aspect of your life. 

Summary of The 48 Laws of Power | 48 Laws of Power PDF Download

While performing any course of action if you ever felt powerless then this book The 48 Laws of Power is made for you. This book will guide you on the path that will help you to build a crystal solid foundation of courage, self-confidence, and infinite power to do any work effortlessly.

Roper Greene claims that the more you master the principle grist of this book more doors of opportunity will be open. You can live the life of your dreams by becoming a better friend, lover, persona, and anyone whom you aspire to be. 

What are the 48 laws?

Life is simple if you go by its terms and conditions. So listed below are 48 rules which can wrest from all your misery.

Rule 1: Never outshine the master 

It is very important to make your superior feel safe and comfortable. Never boost or screen your skills and talents to abash your master. The elevation of your power is directly proportional to the comfort level of your master created by you. However, if you find yourself more qualified than your master then it is advised not to work with him for eternity.

Rule 2: Never trust too much 

Putting too much trust on anyone can be harmful. In the frenzy of envy, friends are more likely to betray. So Greene recommends using your enemy and using them in the most organic way.  

Rule 3: keep your intentions in check 

Maintain the privacy of your intentions. So that when you act your opponents will be defended less. Let the final arrow of your quiver fill the stadium with amusement.  

Rule 4: speak less 

Powerful people speak less and act more. The more you speak more people you will have of committing something stupid. Loquacity can be very disadvantageous.

Rule 5: guard your reputation with life 

Your reputation shall be your identification. It comes in very handy when you try to intimidate someone. If your reputation does not have a farm hold, work on it to make it crystal solid. 

Rule 6: make distance from fake attention 

If the buffet serves only attention then stand out. Be invincible, not attractive. You can also create a bubble of mystery along with yourself to be in the limelight.

Rule 7: learn how to take credits 

Use your knowledge, experience, and wisdom to perform all your works. Never do the work that can be done by others’ efforts. It is your cunningness that will take you to the sky limit.

Rule 8: maintain an approachable ambience 

Strategize your move so that your opponents are bound to come to you. Employ bait if it is necessary. Lure them in your trap make them defend less and then attack.

Rule 9: your actions should speak 

Always try to win through actions and not by malarkey dissent. The span of gain by any agreement is less. Your work and action should be the epitome of your belief.

Rule 10: keep a blissful state 

Try to keep your mood always cheered up. Emotional stress can be a hurdle in your work. So keep your distance from the people, place, and work that makes you unhappy and miserable. 

Rule 11: make yourself dependable 

Strong and dependable people are always liked by everyone. Express yourself and your work in such a way that your enemy gets envy for your success.

Rule 12: Be honest 

Try to maintain the path of honesty and generosity to win over your victim. Being rude and vindictive will bring nothing but uncertainty to the mind of your followers.

Rule 13: Maintain your self-respect while seeking help 

Don’t be at the mercy of others while seeking help from others. Never sell yourself to the person from the person who is helping you. Never get intimidated by the offers because they may be defective.

 Rule 14: take note of everything 

Always take note on everything and never underestimates any situation no matter how minor it may seem. Mingle as a friend and work as a spy. This will keep you far from unprepared attacks.

 Rule 15: crush your opponent and enemy 

Showing mercy on the enemy means giving them chance to recover and attack with more accuracy. So never settles until you uproot the foundation of the enemy completely.

 Rule 16: use the power of absence 

Make yourself absent and unavailable in unnecessary places to increase your worth.

 Rule 17: make your impression unpredictable 

Create such an impression that others will always have the impression that you are invincible. Never let others predict your moves.

 Rule 18: take the calculated risk 

Don’t build a fortress of comfort around yourself. Play wild and take a calculated risk. This will force others to believe in themselves.

 Rule 19: know whom to deal with 

Choose your opponent wisely and never hang out with a person that is not in your range.

Rule 20: avoid commitment 

Don’t commit to anyone unless you are absolutely sure and trust that person completely

 Rule 21: show more than what you are 

This will help you to draw less attention from your enemy. So that when the time comes you can prevail over your enemy easily.

 Rule 22 focuses on your ability 

Your complete focus shall be on improving your ability. Identify your weakness and work on it until it gets perfect.

 Rule 23: Keep your hand clean 

Try to maintain a clean appearance. Try to avoid bad work.

 Rule 24: act with boldness 

Your glid action will make you more likeable in the group. More your actions are effortless more you will be the centre of attraction.

Half of the golden rules are discussed in this topic of if you want to have a complete transformation then you have to read the book. You can easily get this book on our website.

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