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Paulo Coelho is a Brazilian novelist and lyricist. he is also a member of the Brazilian Academy of Letters. his novels sold more than 150 million of copy worldwide, among them, Alchemist makes the top of that list. our website is loaded with the books of Paulo Coelho, you can avail the pdf of this book from our website.

The Alchemist Book PDF Download by Paulo Coelho

Santiago is a shepherd kid and is quite happy with his life. He has a reoccurring dream about a youngster who assures him he will uncover a secret treasure if he journeys to the Egyptian pyramids. He had this dream while resting beneath a sycamore tree in the sacristy of an abandoned church. Santiago is told by an elderly woman that his dream is prophetic and that he must follow the directions in it. Santiago faced a challenge since leaving the life of a shepherd and setting out for an adventure was a big call for him.

Following that, Santiago encounters an odd elderly guy who appears to be able to read his thoughts. Melchizedek, or the King of Salem, is who this man identifies himself as. He teaches Santiago everything about good and bad omens. Furthermore informs him that pursuing his Personal Legend should be considered as the shepherd boy’s responsibility. Melchizedek subsequently gives Santiago the Urim and Thummim stones, which he uses to divine omens.

Santiago pauses for a moment before selling his flock but finally decided to sell it. And with that money, he buys a ferry ticket to Tangier, in northern Africa. To his dismay, a burglar takes all of Santiago’s money soon after he arrives. so the shepherd kid sets out to find a method to earn enough money to return home. He gets work at a crystal merchant’s business, where he makes significant changes that pay off handsomely.

Santiago was still unclear about what to do next after eleven months in the shop.

He vacillates between going back to Andalusia as a wealthy man and purchasing more sheep or chasing his dreams. Should he travel the enormous Sahara in search of the fabled buried treasure? He embarks on a journey to Egypt with a caravan.

The ability to change any metal into gold is termed alchemy and the person who performs is known as Alchemist. It was inherited from a great alchemist who lives near the pyramids. Santiago was fortunate enough to meet an Englishman who was very passionate about learning the secret of alchemy. Santiago learns how to listen to the desert while wandering and to discover the Soul of the World.

The wheel of his life never halted in the similar way caravan arrives at the oasis in the end. This is when the story takes an interesting turn, as Santiago falls in love with an Arab girl named Fatima, and they both fall in love at first sight. The caravan leader collects the passengers and informs them that they would be unable to continue their journey due to tribal violence.

Santiago travels out of the oasis and onto the desert, where he sees two hawks battling in the sky and witnesses an army approaching the oasis. Because it is against the norms of the desert to assault an oasis, Santiago discusses his vision with the oasis’ tribe chieftain. Santiago is soon accosted by a black-garbed, veiled figure riding on a white horse, with a sword. Without any doubt, it’s the alchemist. When the oasis is invaded, the tribal chieftain has armed and equipped his warriors. Santiago accepts the alchemist’s invitation to accompany him across the desert.

Soon after, the two guys find themselves in the middle of a fierce tribal battle. The two men are held hostage by the warriors, but they are finally released to continue their quest Santiago is told by the alchemist that he must return to the oasis and that the rest of the voyage is Santiago’s exclusive duty in order for him to claim his Personal Legend.

When Santiago gets to the Egyptian pyramids, he immediately starts digging. Nothing is buried in the dirt, he discovers. Thieves thrashed Santiago and stole his belongings. However, he has narrated his dreams with the audacity to one of the thieves. There was a huge hue and cry among the thieves when they learned about the blatant treasure buried under an abandoned church’s sacristy.

Coming back to Andalusia, Santiago fined his destination to the church that appeared in his dreams. Without wasting any time he started to dig the ground, previously where he has slept. Just beneath the sycamore tree, there was a treasure and it belongs to one and only to Santiago.

Lessons of these books 

  • Approach every problem with fearless attitude 
  • The “truth” will always stand the test of time.
  • It is very important to break the monotony to do something big and meaningful.
  • Have a clear perspective about the reality.
  • The journey toward success is not a straight path rather it is a ripple effect.
  • Never hold back when the time is hard. Take a stand and make choices with courage.
  • You have your own journey so focus on it.
  • Never be afraid to take action.


This masterpiece of Paulo Coelho introduces the reader to the alchemist, a figure who will play a significant role in the action of the novel with the name- Santiago. It might also act as a caution to the reader about the dangers of self-love at the outset of what could be considered a self-help novel. This book is very insightful. So unleash a great adventure with Alchemist.