The Algebra of Happiness Book PDF Download By Scott Galloway

The Algebra of Happiness Book PDF

At NYU’s Stern College of Business, Scott Galloway offers brand strategy seminars. Galloway decided to write a book on every subject that can support growth in mankind. Our website allows you to get “The Algebra of Happiness: The Pursuit of Achievement, Love, and What It All Means ” in pdf version.

BookThe Algebra of Happiness: The Pursuit of Achievement, Love, and What It All Means
AuthorScott Galloway
Publisher Bantam Press
Pages 256

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Summary of The Algebra of Happiness

The algebra of happiness is a book of simple techniques. this book will help you to lead a tranquil, well-balanced lifestyle that makes you happier in the present moment than your career-driven counterparts’ 80-hour workweeks. However, if you choose this path, you should be aware that it may lead to a more precarious financial condition later in life.

Consider yourself deserving of it.

70 percent of Americans suffer from imposter syndrome in some form. But keep in mind that the most successful people go beyond their grasp. Believe in yourself and know that you are deserving of it. Share your accomplishments with the people you care about.

What matters is measured.

Wealthy people claim to be unconcerned with their finances. They are, nonetheless, concerned with money. They work 80-hour weeks for decades to make a living.

Benchmarks, benchmarks, and milestones range in importance from little to major. Reviewing your life’s metrics is good quality. How often do you get together with your parents? How many social media followers do you have (assuming that number is important to you)? The number of followers you have gives you with feedback on your work.

Know the difference between the aims and the means.

We must acknowledge that professional success is the technique. This isn’t the end. The final result is your family’s financial security and meaningful contacts with friends and relatives.

Rejection may teach you a lot.

Throughout his life, Galloway had a number of disappointments and rejections. But he considers it a huge accomplishment to have survived those rejections (from universities, coworkers, investors, and so on). Fear of rejection is a greater deterrent for many people than competence or the market. Every day, take a risk and get comfortable by going outside your comfort zone.

Set an example for others.

When Galloway was 13, he had two men in his life: his mother’s boyfriend Randy and Cy Cordner, a stockbroker at Dean Witter. Galloway was provided $200 to invest in the stock market by Randy, and Cy educated him on the subject. Galloway became well-known and deserving of their attention as a result of these two men. Galloway is grateful that these two gentlemen cared so deeply for the well-being of a child who wasn’t theirs.


Economically, marriage is favourable. Two people working together produce better decisions than one person working alone. In their 50s, married couples had three times more assets than single people.

Make an effort to be a better marital partner.

Keep no score – We like to exaggerate our contribution to the relationship while downplaying that of our spouse. Monitoring who does what is a waste of time and energy. Be generous and do whatever you can for your spouse on a regular basis. Forgive your partner when he or she makes a mistake. Partnerships that are based on forgiveness are more likely to succeed.

Allowing your wife to be cold or hungry is not a good idea.

Don’t forget to eat your lunch. Make sure you have energy bars with you before you leave the house. Whether you’re in the car or at a restaurant, make sure your wife is comfortable.

As much as possible, express your emotions and desire.

Your relationship is strengthened via affection, touch, and sex. The importance of being with the right partner for the human species cannot be overstated. Make your wife feel secure in the relationship by expressing affection.

Keep your children close by.

Make genuine ties with your children. Dividends are paid out on little deposits made many times a week. Your children will remember that their parents chose them above everything else when they are older. Your children will comfort you when you are elderly, so you may sleep peacefully, just like you did for them when they were little.

Montezuma’s vengeance

You will instinctively do whatever you can for your kid. Even your pet peeves become minor annoyances when you’re around the people you care about. My life is yours, and I love you, you’re saying.

Reclaim your affection

Human communication, connection, and health are all dependent on touch. Nonetheless, we live in a culture where men are asked to refrain from touching one another. On the lips, Italian men kiss each other. Kiss your children. Your children will eventually cease what they’re doing and learn to respect the circumstance. Everything else can wait, they’ll realize.


Galloway’s parents were immigrants who had achieved the American dream. In the American market, two people with an eighth-grade education worked hard and succeeded. After that, they split, and Galloway only saw his father on weekends. But he remembers fondly the time they spent together as a family near the seaside.

What makes a house a home?

Homeownership is the American ideal. Even while homes aren’t much better than other assets when it comes to maintenance, this is the case. Your last residence, not your first, is a great proxy for your life. You are not adding much worth towards the end of your life. People that care about you are either very generous or are returning your love and support.

You can love a kid who isn’t yours.

Half of all marriages end in divorce. Then there’s disease and death. As a result, many children are raised in single-parent households, where their prospects are slim. Become invested in the well-being of a child who isn’t your own. It will help you become more human.

Recognize how fortunate you are.

AIDS, which was called a “gay sickness” in the 1980s, claimed the lives of numerous of Galloway’s friends. They were deemed not to be victims by society. During his eight years in office, Ronald Reagan never said the word “AIDS.” When technology made cures possible, few of his friends got a break.

Discover your own own heaven.

You are in heaven when you are with your family, adored and at ease. We all want more in life: more money, more praise, more power, and a better experience. Only when you’re with your family can you feel really satisfied.

Be brave.

Exercising on a regular basis (as do the majority of CEOs) (most CEOs do as well). At work, show your physical and mental toughness. Maintain your composure in the face of adversity. Keep your calm and don’t get too worked up over your next presentation or task.

Galloway’s relationship with his father and sister isn’t particularly close, but it’s cordial. Every few years, they like taking a trip and having a great time. Taking care of parents is challenging, but it is also rewarding. Find meaning in pushing your elderly parents about in a wheelchair.

Addictive drugs > sustenance

Food, sex, and children are three things that come to mind. We’re hardwired to be hooked to things that are critical to our species’ existence. Give your children sustenance rather than a dopamine spike (e.g., a video game). Be present and consistent.

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