The Game of Life and How to Play It Pdf Download

The Game of Life and How to Play It Pdf Download

“The Game of Life” continues to captivate a wide range of audiences. An upbeat attitude toward life is preferred since it suggests that one’s goals can and should be achieved. Everyone interested in popular psychology and the lives of dreamers should read this book.

When she wasn’t penning gorgeous novels, Florence Scovel Shinn was engaged in scholarly and spiritual matters. The Game of Life pdf is one of the few works of art that has survived the test of time.

BookThe Game Of Life & How To Play It
Author Florence Scovel-Shinn 
Publication RHUK
Language English

Summary of The Game of Life and How to Play It and Pdf Download

It is more enjoyable to treat life as a game than a battle. Giving and receiving in moderation is the key to a happy life. Success in this game requires an understanding of spiritual law and a connection to energy bigger than the physical self that resides inside us. You must be able to ask for and accept what you want in order to live a happy life. If you ask for something and then worry about whether or not it will happen, your chances of success are destroyed. If your thoughts are focused on the negative or encourage the negative, you may need to cancel a session. One of the essential things I took away from the book was this. As a way to ensure my entire freedom to do whatever you want, whenever I want.

The only way to do this is to become a submissive and trusting person. Each of these results is influenced by meditation. Your capacity to trust and let go will improve as your connection with The Energy Of Life becomes stronger. You’ll discover this as your relationship evolves. Right now, I’m requesting money, health, and happiness. It is tough to guess due to a lack of knowledge. I let the currents of life bring me an abundance of these three things as rapidly as possible in order to assist as many people as possible. For me, the game of life has become a great source of enjoyment.

We must be prepared when we don’t know when or how something will occur. Even if there are no indications that your request will be met, you should be prepared. Remember that it’s usually darker outdoors before the sun rises, so keep an eye out for chances to succeed. It wasn’t until 2008 that I understood how stupid I had been in ignoring this lesson. I kept this mentality for as long as I could; even when I was ready to give up on myself entirely, I was always aware that a new day was approaching.

Take the time to acknowledge your successes and show thanks for your hard work while you say your affirmations. To acquire what you desire, you must visualize it first. Imagine and believe, to put it another way. You’ll find everything you’re searching for right here. Don’t be concerned if your experience differs from your expectations.

You’ll receive it as long as you’re expecting it. Believe in your talents when you imagine yourself in the circumstance. Never give up because you will eventually triumph. Regardless matter what reality tells you, consider it already here. To “dig your ditches,” gather any and every proof of your belief in your potential to achieve, no matter how little. You’ll need to invest in professional clothes, such as a new tie or briefcase if you desire that new job. Purchase a new set of bedding or dishes to save money. Even if your financial account is depleted and you can only picture buying blankets and dishes while expressing thanks, you are still in a great position to show your gratitude.

God (Life Energy) is limitless and abundantly beneficial to anybody who wants to connect with Him. We may be able to help you achieve your goals and desires. Using the services of a third party, Keep a mental image of a beloved family member or friend to remind yourself that you are not alone. A dream can only come true with the cooperation of two people. Negative thinking is a choice; the alternative is to live in a society where it is the norm, and our conduct reflects it. It is up to each of us to make a decision.

If we see they’ve been focusing on the bad, asking for forgiveness may be able to assist us in shifting their focus. The only way to overcome any hurdle is to rely on God’s might. When it comes to bringing about a miracle, it is your belief, not the thing itself, that is most important.

Remember the non-resistance principle. Energy should not be available to things that do not need it. It is best to face your fears rather than avoid them. As a precaution, I’m terrified to step beneath a ladder. If you’re afraid of heights, it’s your issue, not the ladders. You will be cursed for seven years if you smash a mirror or open an umbrella inside. Everything you see is a fabrication of your mind. You may shatter as many mirrors and open as many umbrellas as you want since the Energy Of Life is never-ending. You must be brave if you want to avoid the perils of mirrors, ladders, and umbrellas.

What you say about yourself and others has a big impact on how people see you. As a result of your positive actions, you grow as a person. Teaching your subconscious mind to concentrate on good thoughts and phrases requires time and work. If you can match your subconscious ideas with the ideal concepts of your superconscious God mind, you can connect and become one with The Energy Of Life. Your health will be harmed as a consequence of your venomous comments. If you let negativity into your life on a regular basis, you will never be at peace in your body or mind.

The words that people say have an impact on their lives. As a consequence, we have the option of choosing to live in a society where negative language is the norm and our lives are formed accordingly, or we may choose to talk positively and perceive the good in the world.

We may be able to make up for bad communication and lack of concentration by asking for pardon. Everything else is insignificant in comparison to God’s might. You must have faith in a higher power if you wish to do miracles. Jewelry, paintings, and sculptures are all examples of artwork.

Non-resistance is a crucial lesson to remember. To keep it under your control, deny power to things that don’t deserve it. Rather than running away from your fear, confront it and try if you can overcome it. When I have to crawl under ladders for whatever reason, I get goosebumps. It is your anxiousness, not the ladder or the fact that you are going under it, that is generating this. Is it true that shaking a mirror or opening an umbrella inside may bring you seven years of ill luck? This is the present situation as a result of your beliefs. You can smash as many mirrors as you want and open as many umbrellas as you want because the Energy Of Life is an infinite source. Mirrors, ladders, and umbrellas will have no effect on you because of your fearlessness.

What you tell yourself and others matters in the same way that what you tell yourself matters. You desire such things for yourself as well as for others.

Men are nothing more than troubles, according to an ancient saying. Teaching your subconscious mind to concentrate on good thoughts and phrases requires time and work. If you can match your subconscious ideas with the ideal concepts of your superconscious God mind, you can connect and become one with The Energy Of Life. If you’re regularly exposed to negativity, you could develop a dis-ease or an unsettled body and mind.

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