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Andy Puddicombe, a writer, remembers having trouble putting his mind at ease and focussing on other things when he was a youngster. He found it difficult to put his thoughts at rest. Because of something that occurred during his childhood, he was left feeling devastated and outraged when he was younger. These emotions lingered with him until now. He did his best to ignore it, but despite his efforts, he was unable to rid himself of the feelings of regret and rage that it sparked in him. Then, when he was somewhere between ten and twelve years old, he came into first contact with the practice of meditation. In spite of the fact that he found it challenging at first, he persisted in his practice because he was certain that it would assist him in coping with profound feelings such as rage and despair. Even if many bad things ended up happening in his life, he was still able to deal with them with the support of meditation, just as it had helped him when he was a younger person. In this article, you can download The Headspace Guide to Meditation and Mindfulness PDF.

BookThe Headspace Guide to Meditation and Mindfulness: How Mindfulness Can Change Your Life in Ten Minutes a Day
AuthorAndy Puddicombe 
Language English 

Summary of The Headspace Guide to Meditation and Mindfulness

A young guy came to the conclusion that he would rather devote his life to becoming a Buddhist monk than continue his education. Later on, he tried his hand at a variety of different professions, including learning to become a clown in a circus; nevertheless, in the end, he was successful in discovering the inner peace that he had been searching for all along. He intended to do this by maintaining a consistent meditation practice with the end goal of assisting others in achieving the same level of mental tranquility and clarity that he had acquired in the year 2010. In the year 2010, he established Headspace as a company.

There are three things that you need to do on a consistent basis in order to remain attentive, and those things are as follows: 1) Approach your thoughts without thinking about what they are; 2) Practice mindfulness in a style that is helpful for you (there are several methods available); and 3) Integrate the practice into your daily life in a consistent manner. 1) Approach your thoughts without thinking about what they are. 2) Practice mindfulness in a style that is helpful for you.

The Procedure That Had To Be Carried Out

Being still and striving to rid one’s mind of distracting ideas is just part of what is involved in the practice of meditation. It is a question of training yourself not to respond to the things that are occurring in your thoughts, which may be a very tough job to achieve effectively. It is a matter of teaching yourself not to react to the things that are happening in your head. A lot of people give up on meditation before they’ve ever even started because they give up before they’ve even started because they can’t manage to achieve this state of emptiness no matter how much time they spend meditating. If you want to be good at meditating, you need to realize that it is not about trying to clear your mind of all ideas; rather, it is about not responding to the thoughts that are already there in your brain. If you want to be good at meditating, you need to understand that it is not about trying to clear your mind of all ideas. If you want to be effective at meditating, you need to realize that it is not about attempting to rid your mind of all thoughts. Instead, you should focus on relaxing your body and focusing your attention inward.

When Leslie attended a community center’s mindfulness session for the third time, during which she tried meditation, her degree of discontent rose to a higher level. She made the most of every moment that was available to her in order to put forth as much mental effort as she possibly could in an effort to block out the unsettling ideas that kept popping into her head, such as, “Did I remember to pick up any dog food? When exactly is my appointment to go to the dentist? Please be as specific as possible. Which Tuesday is better for you—this one or the one that comes after it? I can’t remember when the last time was that I sent a birthday card to my mum. I have no memory of it at all.

Even though she made a concerted attempt to relax, the ideas continued to make her anxious in spite of her best efforts, despite the fact that she tried hard to unwind. She was unable to focus on the information that was being provided in the classroom, and after each meeting, she left feeling more anxious than she had when she had first come. She was unable to concentrate on the material that was being presented in the classroom. She reached the decision that completing her study would only help to keep her mind even more distracted than it already was, and as a result, she decided to withdraw from her studies in order to alleviate this mental burden.

One lady realized that she was having difficulty meditating, and as a result, she sought the guidance of her teacher in order to better her practice of meditation. He explained to her that although it is physically impossible to stop thinking entirely, we have the ability to make a choice while we are meditating, to not be concerned with the ideas that do occur to us during that time, and we can do this regardless of whether or not we are able to completely stop thinking. According to him, this is the most important factor in overcoming the barrier of not being able to stop thinking due to the fact that it is physically impossible.

On the road to success, it is critical to rid one’s mind of both favorable and unfavorable ideas and beliefs. This is a vital step. You should make a concerted effort to keep your mind from straying to distracting issues while you are meditating, such as the impending need for dental treatment or the cheesecake that is waiting for you at home. If your mind does wander, you should gently bring it back to the present now. It makes no difference while you are attempting to clear your thoughts whether one notion, such as the dental work, sounds unpleasant or another idea, like cheesecake, seems appealing; both of these ideas are distractions. While you are meditating, rather than trying to stop these thoughts from entering your head, try to be more accepting of them and let them pass without attaching too much importance to them, either favorably or negatively. This will help you achieve a deeper state of relaxation. Because of this, you will be able to have a more beneficial experience when meditating. You will be able to concentrate more intensely on the process of cleaning your mind as a result of this.

As an additional option, you can also include your senses in the process by applying the exercise to them. For instance, if you’re in an environment where there’s a lot of background noise, you should learn how to zero in on the sounds that are happening around you and then tune out the rest of the noise. This will allow you to concentrate on the sounds that are important to you.

The Procedure That Had To Be Carried Out

After gaining an awareness of what mindfulness and meditation are, the next stage is to find out how to put what you’ve learned about them into practice and put what you’ve discovered to use. The development of this new capability, just like the acquisition of any other new talent, calls for a large commitment of both time and effort on the learner’s part.

Before starting the actual practice of meditation, it is vital to decide what it is that you want to accomplish via the process of meditating. Do you have a strong desire to achieve a state of mind that is more tranquil and serene? Or are you participating in this activity with the intention of relieving unfavorable sensations such as tension or worry? It is of the utmost importance to be conscious of the reasons why you are partaking in a certain activity in the first place, as this will help you make more informed decisions. If you have a definite objective in mind, it will be much easier for you to see opportunities when they present themselves.

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