The Purpose Driven Life Book PDF Download

The Purpose Driven Life PDF Download

Rick Warren is an American pastor and author who founded the eighth-largest church in his nation, Saddleback Congregation and currently leads it. His books “The Purpose Driven Life” and its predecessor “The Purpose Driven Church” are well-known. He’s a well-known conservative activist. He is the author of eight best-selling novels. You can easily download this book from our website. Rick Warren originally released his devotional book The Purpose Driven Life in 2002. It was an enormous success, selling more than thirty million copies in its first five years and spending more than ninety weeks on the New York Times Best Seller list

BookThe Purpose-Driven Life: What on Earth Am I Here For?
AuthorRick Warren

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The Purpose-Driven Life: What on Earth Am I Here For? PDF Download

The Purpose Driven Life portrayed as a forty-day personal spiritual journey, addresses what Warren argues are God’s five purposes for human life on Earth and offers itself as a model for contemporary Christian living. It often quotes the Bible to challenge popular Christian ideas about worship, ministry, and evangelism. It also covers issues including the purpose of life, what it means to be close to God, and the most efficient way to achieve God’s aim. This book is considered a prominent work of Christian literature today.

According to a 2005 study, The Purpose Driven Life was the most influential book in the lives and ministries of American pastors and other influential people of that time. The book was highly accepted by readers, even though it was heavily criticized by Christian authorities owing to its interpretation of biblical scriptures. When a woman was able to calm down a criminal holding her hostage by reading to him from The Purpose-Driven Life in 2005, it made the news. The film Captive, starring David Oyelowo and Kate Mara, was based on this tale.

The Purpose Driven Life is broken down into forty sections, each with an introduction and five main features. Warren talks through his primary points in the first section. First and foremost, everything begins with God, and we can only learn about our identities and purposes via Him. Second, we were not made by random; God had a definite purpose in mind when he created us. Third, we must assess our motivations to ensure that guilt, hatred, anger, or fear are not the driving forces behind our actions

. A purposeful existence, on the other hand, gives significance to our lives and prepares us for the hereafter. Our relationship with God is supposed to last a lifetime and allows us to see things through God’s eyes. Life is only a stopover on the route to eternal bliss. Everything we do is to bring God glory through loving our fellow Christians, growing more like Christ, assisting others with our skills, and telling people about Him. Humans were created for God’s pleasure, according to the first main part.

One’s first objective is to please God, yet He also wishes for us to enjoy our life. When we put our confidence in God, obey Him, and adore him, he grins. Worship is based on trusting God and recognizing our shortcomings. Consistent dialogue and meditation may help us become closest friends with God. Trusting God and knowing His priorities are necessary for developing a relationship with Him. He values worship that is genuine, truthful, compassionate, and practical. When God seems to be far away, it’s crucial to trust in His plan and continue to talk to Him as if He were there, praising Him for what He’s already done.

The second reason is that we were made for God’s family, and we are all His descendants. The most essential thing in life is love. We are called not just to believe, but also to be a member of God’s family, which is reflected in the Church. The author states that “Our Christian brothers and sisters are designed to share life with us”. This entails establishing a feeling of belonging by demonstrating honesty, humility, respect, and frequent connection. By taking the initiative, exhibiting compassion, and talking to God first, broken fellowships and relationships may be healed.

To keep our church safe, we must be practical, encouraging, refuse to listen to gossip, and accept God’s conflict resolution system. Warren  says “We were made to become like Christ, according to purpose three.” God desires that we embrace his viewpoints, attitudes, and personalities. God intends that we mature, which requires a purposeful effort on our part. His truth, as well as the problems we meet and overcome, have an impact on us. We grow as a consequence of being tempted and resisting it in favor of keeping to our ideals. To combat temptation, we may divert our attention away from it, seek aid from others, recognize what it is, and own our vulnerability. Spiritual growth takes time, but God is always willing to assist us.

The fourth reason for our being is that we were made to serve God. Accepting our purpose, no matter how difficult it may be, is the first step. Every position in which God is served is critical. Our spiritual abilities, hearts, talents, personalities, and life experiences were all designed with a specific purpose in mind. Each of these aspects gives a piece of what we need to serve God, and it is up to us to study and understand them so that we may utilize them to the best of our ability in God’s service. Then it’s time to put what God has given us to good use. It’s foolish to attempt to rebuild ourselves in someone else’s image since God doesn’t make mistakes.

True servants are committed to their work and assist others in serving God. Service starts in the mind; humility and dedication to others are essential. God finds strength in weakness, and it is vital to perceive it as a sign of favour rather than disregarding it. According to the final objective, we were all made for a cause. God gave us a ministry so that we may continue Jesus’ work on Earth. Our purpose, our narrative, our life lessons, our Godly passions, and the good news of salvation are all part of this. You must move from self-centred, local thinking to compassionate, social, and everlasting thinking to become a world-class Christian. A good work-life balance is required, with time set apart for worship, ministry, evangelism, fellowship, and discipleship. This is the key to living a fulfilling life.

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