The Rudest Book Ever (Life Ke Karwe Sach) PDF Download in Hindi

Life Ke Karwe Sach PDF Download

Are you searching for a self-help book that can draw your attention from focusing on the bulls? If you are willing to generate the ignorance posed towards the shits people of the world. The book may help you more in reflecting on your positive attitude and improving your self-growth. The rudest Book Ever (लाइफ के कडवे सच) is written by the famous writer Shwetabh Gangwar. he is a famous public speaker and a famous novelist who solves all the problems of the people by bringing them on the right path. It is very important in personal life to stay with a positive attitude. The writer in the book has included all the potential ideas that can emerge the people’s behaviour in a decent direction rather than focussing on the bullshit. The bitter truth of life is people always hear from their family or friends about their opinion but they never intend to know the person’s interests. But the thing is every person has their own idea and opinion and they must behave according to their opinion. If you will focus on society or friends then nothing is going to change in your life. In fact, you are going to lose your potential for concentration and ability. The main important lesson from the book is it has the ability to increase the potential of the reader and make them capable enough to handle society’s words without reacting anything to them. The positive attitude in the person delivers their personality and uniqueness. You should give your 100% on the work without thinking about what others will think. You do you perfectly and let the people talk. The book has the capability to resonate and reflect your attitude which is a must in your self-growth. No, any person can self-grow if they are having a bad companion or living in a corrupted or bullshit society. Whenever you give 100% to your work then you will find a miracle that can solve any of your problems. Nobody, in the world, cares for anyone everyone is self-made within themselves. If you want to create a unique personality by focussing on your self-growth then you should read the book “The Rudest Book Ever in Hindi” once. The book is really interesting and fun to read and deal with all the real examples of life problems.

the rudest book ever pdf download in hindi

BookLife Ke Karwe Sach: Duniya ki Faaltu Bakwaas se Bachne ke Zabardast Ideas
AuthorShwetabh Gangwar

The Rudest Book Ever in English PDF

Life Ke Karwe Sach: Duniya ki Faaltu Bakwaas se Bachne ke Zabardast Ideas By Shwetabh Gangwar PDF Download

The book will strongly motivate your internal beliefs and help you in shaping your growth on the right path. The book challenges the perspective and beliefs of the person 

The book starts with an interesting topic called “You are a product and hope is connected within you” Isn’t it amazing? You must be thinking from where we get hope. The beliefs are fitted by our friends and family and just like a product to enhance the growth you should work on the better choice to increase your self-growth.  If the whole person of the world is a product then the maximum percent of them are average products or below average products due to internal beliefs. They can’t able to handle the problem and deal with the challenges. The author says no one is born with all the capability to deal with the problem. They are born in this world and prepare themselves for life challenges. Children are emotional and can’t able to differentiate what to know or don’t. Every child is a good absorber they can acquire all the things that happen in front of their eyes. Our friends, family, or our society works in building our beliefs. The author says people must learn how to think. Most of the decisions we take in our life with emotional attachments. The maximum decision of the people relies on the emotional attachment with the person. Due to emotional attachment, people can’t differentiate in the right or wrong personalty and later they face many problems in dealing with that. We do what our surrounding says what is right or what is wrong. We shouldn’t rely on the surrounding advice we must make our decision by ourselves. If we create two groups of people and teach them respectively “What to think” and “how to think” then it will be a more interesting result. The people of what to think group start to believe in the different ideology of the people which is almost similar to their society. These groups of people are well treated to differentiate between right and wrong. Factual things don’t matter for these groups. It is only possible because their surrounding has manipulated their belief perfectly to deal with the problem. They are dependent on someone to take any decision. On the other hand, people who belong to “how to think” categories question each belief. They don’t rely on any belief or follow them. They always have the curiosity to learn things. They know the things better they take the better decision of their life. We must learn how to think to take our decision perfectly without relying on people’s advice. The other perspective of the book is to treat the person as a special person. The only goal of the people is they want to be famous. Their overall goal is to achieve name and fame in the whole world. You can earn specialness if you are born in a rich family or born with talent. The author says everyone is expecting about name and fame. Our whole specialness depends on the acceptance and approval of others. We feel special when people think about us. The author Shwetabh Gangwar treats specialness as a trophy that can only be achieved by our efforts. It should be earned from talent. For example, achieving the goal with the disciple. You prioritize the things. Achievements increase the self-belief of the person and increase opportunity in their way. Gaining the attention of the other person is not a specialness.  You have to prove yourself to be successful to gain the tag of specialness. You have to earn it by working hard. So, all successful person in the world motivates themselves to be special. The third perspective of the book is “ Stop Idolizing your heroes” The thing is we always make someone as our hero because they entertain us or provide some information. But the Author says if we treat anyone as our heroes then we lose the opportunity to question them. We should always focus on the data rather than focus on the image.  The image can be created but the data Don’t. We should never treat the heroes as bad or good guys. People didn’t have any data on the hero’s beliefs and experiences. We only see the impression of the person but we can’t see their inner beliefs. In the people, all the people are called wired which is neither good nor wrong. You should admire the world for its work not for the impressions. These are the 3 prospective of the shwetabh Gangwar which will strongly challenge the beliefs of the people. If you also want to maximize your personal growth and start believing in yourself you must read the book once. The PDF of the book is easy to download from our page.

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