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The Way of Integrity PDF Download

Dr. Martha Beck has already been a lecturer, life coach, and popular author. She has dedicated her life to providing people with strong, practical, and amusing teachings that help them better their lives in every way. Several of her books have been New York Times worldwide bestsellers. she has authored over 150 magazine pieces. She has three Harvard degrees in social science and has been dubbed “one of the sharpest ladies I know” by Oprah Winfrey. You can easily download the pdf of “The Way of Integrity: Finding the Path to Your True Self The Way of Integrity” from our website.

The Way of Integrity Free PDF Download BY Martha Beck

The Way Of Integrity uses science, spirituality, humour, and Dante’s Divine Comedy to teach you how to rediscover integrity, or the recently lost art of living true to yourself by what you do, think, and say, to teach you how to find well-being, healing, a sense of purpose, and much more by rediscovering integrity, or the recently lost art of living true to yourself by what you do, think and say.

 We become caught in bad habits that cause us to lose touch with ourselves at many times in life. Maybe you’re in a horrible relationship or can’t seem to break your habit of pleasing everyone. You may be pondering how to reclaim your identity.

If the above paragraph describes you, don’t despair; there is a method to reclaim your true self: integrity. The solution for psychological distress, according to Martha Beck’s” The Way of Integrity: Finding the Path to Your Genuine Self,” is to start being true to yourself again by having integrity.

In this book the author outlines a four-step path through Dante’s metaphorical universe that will help you reclaim your integrity, using inspiration from Dante’s The Divine Comedy. She claims that if you follow the teachings of this book then you will get a new sense of purpose, recover, and finally be free of your emotional pain.

The teachings of this book are divided into 3 parts:

1) Emotional distress can only be alleviated by maintaining one’s integrity.

2) You can get out of the Dark Wood of Error by admitting you’re lost, and you can go through the Inferno by letting go of the source of your misery.

3) Pass through Purgatory by living your new reality, and you’ll be in Paradise before you know it.

Living a life full of integrity is the only effective remedy to emotional anguish.

Consider your own life for a moment. Do you have to work at a low-paying job just to make the essentials of living? Do you have a deadlock in your relationship? Perhaps you’ve realized that your life isn’t exactly how you’d envisioned it. But you’re all right, aren’t you?

Now pause for a moment and consider how your life makes you feel. You may claim to be fine, but do you really want to be fine for the rest of your life?

If you can connect to this in any way, the remedy, according to the author, is honesty. Integrity nowadays has a slightly different connotation than it had in the past, which was to remain entire or unbroken. A plane with integrity, for example, a plane flies undeviated in the sky cutting through all the clouds because all of the pieces are functioning properly and concurrently. If it loses its integrity, it may crash.

It’s the same old story. We put off how we actually feel or what we truly want in order to meet societal expectations, and as a result, we become exhausted, depressed, and even sick. We often suffer because we are out of sync with ourselves when we do things that aren’t in line with who we truly are.

 Your work, on the other hand, will consume you if you are cognitively, physically, and spiritually linked with yourself. As a result, you’ll like being in the company of others, sleep better, and be eager to begin the day. So, if you’re ready to start becoming who you truly are and live a more fulfilling life, Dante’s universe is calling to you.

Get through the Dark Wood by admitting you’re lost and make it through the Inferno by letting go of the things that cause you pain.

Dante initially encounters the Dark Wood of Error on his journey. This is where you begin your journey toward honesty. You’re feeling isolated, and you’re not sure how you got here. Because we live in a paradox, we experience this inner fog.

The first step to getting out of the woods is to admit you’re lost. You’ll probably face problems like the sad wolf (depression), the terrible lion (panic), and the voracious leopard if you do this (neediness).

Find an instructor to help you progress. Yours might be discovered via counseling or even yoga. Learn to pay attention to your most essential teacher: your inner self. You’re about to enter the Inferno. This is the dreadful location where offenders are sentenced to eternal torment. When we aren’t genuine to ourselves, we all experience an internal firestorm.

Virgil, Dante’s tutor, urges him to watch the demons, interrogate them, and then go on. For us, this involves identifying which ideas are causing us pain and determining whether or not they are true. Let go of it if you discover it isn’t. It might be difficult and frightening to let go of incorrect ideas.

To get out, you must travel to the inferno’s heart, which has a freezing lake filled with liars. Lying, according to Dante, is like being encased in ice. You grow numb and lonely when you lie to yourself.

 Dante must climb down Lucifer, who stands in the middle of the lake, in order to flee. Only by recognizing that there is a primary untruth at the heart of everything – that you are alone — can we go forward. The deeper you plunge into your sorrow, the sooner you’ll stop sliding down and start rising. You’ll start to believe that you’re both deserving and adored.

Pass through Purgatory by aligning your behaviors to your inner truth, and you’ll be in Paradise once they’re entirely aligned.

Dante emerges from the Inferno to find himself at the foot of a massive mountain. Purgatory is where you’ll spend the rest of your life. Purgatory is a place where repentant individuals undergo different chores in order to earn their passage to heaven. Your new way of thinking should have alleviated your pain by now, but now it’s time to match your words with your deeds.

It’s also past time to put your past behind you and totally commit to your truth. This entails acting and thinking in a way that is consistent with your values. This may imply that when a coworker offers an improper joke, you stop laughing. It will be a significant adjustment, so allow yourself time to mourn your previous life if necessary. You may now feel exactly how you want to feel, say exactly what you want to say, and do exactly what you want to do. The more you practice these new skills, the more they will become second nature to you. 

Dante is submerged in two rivers at the conclusion of Purgatory, one that lets him forget what he’s done wrong and the other that reminds him of everything he’s done correctly. He’s completely honest once he’s out of the water. He smoothly glides up to Paradise at this moment.

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