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Ruth Ware The Woman in Cabin 10

Lo Blacklock has a dream about a girl’s body drifting deep below the North Sea’s surface. She hears a roaring sound as she wakes up, and she realizes it isn’t part of her dream. She rises from her bed to use the restroom. The shower is on high, and the words stop digging are scrawled in the steam on the mirror.

Before settling down as a full-time writer, Ruth Ware worked as a waitress, a bookseller, an English teacher, and a press officer. She now resides in Sussex, England, along with her family. She is very lively and her writing is far beyond letters. Many of her books had made the best sellers list of New York Times.

BookThe Woman in cabin 10 pdf
AuthorRuth Ware
PublicationGallery/Scout Press
Language English
Page 352

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Summary of The Woman in Cabin 10 and PDF Download

As a burglar ransacks Lo Blacklock’s residence in London, England, the story begins with her imprisoned in her bedroom. She manages to flee, but she is traumatized and diagnosed with PTSD, and she is prescribed medicines to help her survive. Despite this, she is adamant about not missing out on the chance of the job opportunity to cover a brand-new Norwegian vacation onboard the luxury yacht Aurora for the travel magazine Velocity.

Lo and her boyfriend Judah had a fight before going on the employment assignment. She has been not willing to pursue their relationship, whilst Judah has been patient, turning down a career opportunity in New York to be with her in England.

Lo borrows some mascara from her neighbour before the large welcome feast on the first evening of the holiday. She’s taken aback since her next-door neighbour looks to be a young lady dressed in rags. Her anger was surfaced and demanded that Lo leave her alone, locking the door behind her as soon as the mascara is handed to her. Lo talks with other journalist passengers aboard the cruise later during the meal, but she does not see her neighbour. She notices Lord Richard Bullmer, the yacht’s owner, is young, and his wife Anne seems to be unwell. Lo copes by drinking excessively during the meal, still worried about her violation. One of the visitors is her ex-boyfriend and fellow travel writer Ben Howard, who makes a pass at her before being kneed in the groin by her. She stumbles back to her cabin, where she passes out intoxicated.

A scream and a loud splash wake Loup later that night. When she steps out onto her balcony, she notices a trail of blood on her neighbour’s balcony as well as a figure whirling under the waves, which she assumes is a woman. When Johann Nilsson comes, she goes back inside and summons security, but the blood has vanished. When Lo tells Nilsson about the lady she saw earlier, he assures her that cabin 10 has always been empty and that no one would be sleeping there on this trip. He offers to take Lo down to the lower decks to see whether she recognizes the girl as a member of the crew.

Despite the fact that she hasn’t found a match, Lo is desperate to solve the mystery of her neighbor’s disappearance, believing she was murdered and thrown overboard. She calls security once again after discovering that the mascara she borrowed from the girl had vanished. Given the amount she drank the night before and her usage of medicine, Nilsson starts to doubt her sanity at this point.

Lo later falls asleep in the ship’s spa and wakes up to see the phrase “Stop Digging” scrawled in steam on the mirror. Following that, Lo had the chance to meet Lord Bullmer, who has consented to personally hear her account of the events of the previous night. He makes her feel better, but he doesn’t seem to believe her.

Lo returns to her room and discovers that her balcony door is unlocked, as well as the fact that her mobile phone and mascara have vanished. She decides to depart and notify the authorities on the arrival of the ship in Trondheim, Norway the following day. Lo is startled to learn that the lady from Cabin 10 has knocked on her door in the middle of the night. Lo chases the lady down the corridor into the staff quarters, but she is knocked out.

Below deck, Lo wakes up in a cramped, windowless berth. She is imprisoned there, terrified and hungry, for no one comes for her. She starts to experience the effects of her medicine withdrawal as well. Lo eventually smacked her with a food tray after she continued to bring Lo food on a regular basis. When the girl wipes off her makeup by mistake, she seems to be Anne Bullmer. Lo spends his time alone trying to make sense of what’s going on. Anne is the lady who was slain and thrown overboard, and the woman next door has been mimicking her ever since.

When Lo informs his wife of this, she is scared and starves him for a few days. Lo believes the tour is over as she hears the last of the visitor’s exit. When the lady eventually returns, she has softened and confesses her name is Carrie. She tells Lo that she is in deep love with Lord Bullmer and that they met when she was working as a waitress at a nightclub. Lo informs Carrie that she was duped by Bullmer in order to assassinate Anne and steal her money. Carrie is disgusted by the plan and tries to assist Lo in escaping.

While Carrie is imprisoned in the cell, Lo disguises herself as her. Bullmer comes close to catching Lo, but he instead falls into the water. She swims to the beach and seeks help at a nearby hotel. Bullmer’s hotel management is a personal friend of hers, and he is also friends with the local police. She flees to a barn, where she is discovered and offered the use of his phone by an elderly Norwegian farmer. Judah, who is in England, receives the call and raises the alarm. Bullmer had died by that time, according to sources, of a suicide. Carrie was also murdered, according to Lo.

Lo chooses to join Judah in New York and start again, pursuing an investigative journalistic career. Bullmer’s and Anne’s bones are discovered after months of searching, and it’s discovered that Bullmer was shot. Carrie sends Lo money (under a fictitious name), implying that she has survived and most likely shot Bullmer.

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