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In 2021, Indian actress Priyanka Chopra planned to release her first book. The book’s working title is “Unfinished.” The specifics of Chopra’s marriage to American singer and actor Nick Jonas are the highlights of her 20-year career as an actress, producer, and UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador. She works in the film industry in several capacities, including acting, producing, and representing UNICEF as a Goodwill Ambassador. Other topics covered in the book include her origins, schooling, and personal life. It is described and referred to as a “collection of personal essays, tales, and observations.”

It was originally scheduled to be published by Penguin Random House on February 9th, 2021. However, manufacturing problems caused delays that caused that date to be moved back one more month. The New York Times released a list of the country’s best-selling books, and Nielsen BookScan compiled a list for India. In the countries where they were published, both lists were made available. You can easily download unfinished Book PDF from this website.  

AuthorPriyanka Chopra Jonas 
Publisher Penguin Viking
Language English 
Pages 240

Summary of Unfinished

There were many Zoom interviews with Priyanka Chopra Jonas relaxing in front of a fire on the YouTube channel, and she was having a fantastic time. The speakers couldn’t stop praising her new book, “Unfinished,” saying how inspiring and beautiful it was and how much they appreciated it.

Despite its recent release, The New York Times has included this book on its list of best-selling books. It got me thinking about how famous people may publish their first book and become best-selling authors, while respectable authors must deal with rejection after rejection after rejection. More books may have been sold as a result of their reputation than due to the quality of the books themselves.

She continued to be a powerful presence in the world of beauty pageants even after winning Miss World. It is no minor achievement that she established a reputation for herself in the historically male-dominated industry of Bollywood films. She could even find a niche for herself in the industry. She has worked in the music business for many years, delivering well-liked songs. In the years that followed, she established a reputation for herself in Hollywood as a producer, entrepreneur, writer, and philanthropist. Her most recent project is raising money for children’s organisations all across the globe. She became well-known in the entertainment industry as a consequence. Despite everything, she wed Nick Jonas, the most eligible bachelor in the world.

You could have that degree of understanding without having to read her book because you already have the necessary prior knowledge. Everyone in the neighbourhood has access to it. That piqued my curiosity to learn what new information the book would provide. The information provided in this book is not novel, intriguing, or enlightening. As you sit down for a lengthy conversation with an old friend, you also reflect on your history as you take in their memories.

The author remembers her experiences as a kid growing up in a nomadic family, her close relationships with her extended family, her challenges with boarding school as a teen, and her final transfer to the United States in the first few chapters, which serve as a trip down memory lane for the reader. The author also remembers the difficulties she had adapting when attending boarding school as a young girl. She details her time as a young girl attending boarding school, highlighting the challenges she had in fitting in and establishing friends.

When she returns to India, she immediately enters the Miss India competition and goes on to win both that pageant and the Miss World competition. This causes a significant change in her life for the better. She decides to seek a career in Bollywood, the Indian film industry recognised in the United States. Originally wanted to become an aeronautical engineer but instead chose to work in the Indian film industry.

Due to the depiction of her close bond with her father in the chapter headed “Grief,” the reader was moved to tears. This chapter greatly impacted the reader. Her parents were the characters that appeared most often in her narrative, but if I had to choose, I’d say it was her sister. She was given the talent of flight, allowing her to soar to incredible heights. She gained an unwavering sense of self-belief due to their unwavering confidence in her abilities and support. It is the most meaningful gift a parent could offer their kid; there is no other present a parent could give that would be as significant as that one. It seems like the only gift that would be appropriate in this situation.

Priyanka has a history of unsuccessful romances before starting her relationship with Nick Jonas. She has been in more than her fair share of unhappy romantic relationships. Nick and Priyanka moved into their new house in Los Angeles as soon as they were married in a lavish, traditional wedding in New York City. On their celebration day, they started their new life as husband and wife. Even though each chapter was entertaining to read on its own, the book fell short of my expectations. Nothing in the book first caught the reader’s interest or aroused curiosity. Throughout the whole reading, I didn’t say “wow” once. I’m searching for a narrative in a memoir that would entice me to keep reading and discover more about the author’s life story. Priyanka expressed her experiences in a well-considered way, avoiding any possible harm.

By divulging their most personal and darkest feelings and ideas, authors of fascinating memoirs expose themselves to the reader in their most exposed condition. They discuss the worst creatures they’ve faced, the toughest challenges they’ve overcome, and the times they’ve failed in their missions. Somehow, despite the terrible experiences they’ve had, people find it more inspiring to hear their tales and draw inspiration from them.

On the other hand, there was never any conflict in Priyanka’s life. Given what is known, it is not very difficult to assume that she had a comfortable existence. She hails from a wealthy and giving family. Her family members are an example to her. Her family was highly acquainted with one another and close-knit. Being from a wealthy family does not ensure that you will be successful in your chosen career. We owe her to thank and recognise the effort she has put into the project.

You should be open and honest about all aspects of your life, including the challenges you face and your concerns, and discuss your accomplishments. Such things serve to develop a person’s relatability within their network more so than the usage of hashtags. Self-reflection should evaluate the positive and negative aspects of one’s life, including times when one has failed to live up to one’s potential or erred in judging others. When assessing oneself, one should also examine the positive aspects of their life.

There is nothing wrong with this picture of Priyanka except that she admits in her article that she feels awful about promoting skin-lightening creams. Even if she regrets selling the things in her essay, she still succeeds in doing this. The biography’s writing style makes it clear that it was intended for Western readers who were only coming to know her. In the author’s opinion, this kind of reader will be most interested in reading the book. For the preceding 20 years, she has been playing for Indian audiences, who have grown to know her rather well throughout that time. Consequently, a thorough investigation of Indian customs, culture, cuisine, and language has been made.

Last but not least, it seems that the primary objective of this book is to strengthen Priyanka’s brand by acting as a business card. We may infer some support for this argument from Priyanka’s promotion is this book’s main objective. This conclusion arises logically from the book’s main purpose is to function as a business card. Here is a list of all of her endeavours, both personal and professional, as well as her future intentions.

Any company’s success depends on its capacity to stay relevant in the marketplace and sustain its presence in the here and now. A public relations machine is always at work in the background to keep it running. For their readership, the writers of this book set out to achieve just that. Priyanka is not an exception to the norm, even if it is true that hearing another person’s story may always teach us something new. This is because, generally speaking, hearing someone else’s story always has the potential to be advantageous for us in some way. She has two traits that will benefit her throughout her life: a strong sense of self-worth and a relentless drive to provide her very best. She hasn’t yet arrived at the destination of her voyage. I’m giving her all the greatest wishes right now!

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