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Verity is a standalone psychological thriller that was released in 2018. The main character, Lowen Ashleigh, relocates to Vermont to work on a new book series with the well-known Verity Crawford. Verity was released near the end of 2018. Violence, trauma, and what it means, to be honest, are all addressed in the novel Verity. Verity and Lowen’s points of view are represented here.

Book Verity
Author Colleen Hoover
Language English 

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Summary of verity

 On her way to a meeting with her publisher, novelist Lowen Ashleigh learns about the death of a man. Jeremy Crawford, a gorgeous stranger, rushes for her help. They hit it off immediately away, discussing their most recent defeats and how they felt about them. Verity’s mother passed away from cancer not long ago. Jeremy lost both of his twin girls over six months. They part ways, but it doesn’t take long for them to realise they’re both headed to Phantom Press.

 Verity Crawford, well known for her novel The Noble Virtues, has been unable to complete the remaining three books in the series since she married another author, Jeremy Crawford. If Lowen accepted the deal, she would be paid a lot of money to complete the accounting. Lowen honours his end of the bargain and avoids being booted out by obtaining the notes from Verity’s office in Vermont. Before Lowen departs, Corey, her ex-boyfriend and now literary agent, offers her some advice. He warns her to be cautious since Verity’s automobile accident, which has left her unable to move, occurred under unexplained circumstances.

It seems that Lowen has arrived in Vermont. Crew, a five-year-old kid, is the sole survivor of the Crawford family calamity. Lowen is apprehensive, so she tries to relax before starting work. Soon later, she discovers a handwritten note entitled “So Be It.” At first, she assumes it’s Verity’s autobiography. But the article is essentially a writing exercise in which Verity investigates violent urges to understand more about what makes people tick. Verity and Jeremy meet for the first time and have their first sexual experience in the book’s opening chapter. Lowen first dislikes Verity’s presence since she looks at her when she reads, but as time passes, she begins to feel frightened by Verity.

 Lowen is disturbed by the message, and she now believes Verity had something to do with her children’s deaths. Lowen and Jeremy are going closer and closer to kissing. Lowen learns from the narrative that Verity has twins called Harper and Chastin and that she ignores them while Jeremy is at work.

 Lowen is soon sleeping with Verity. She tells Jeremy that when she was 10, her mother abandoned her and committed her to a mental institution for two weeks after a tragic occurrence in the family. Jeremy attempts to cheer up Lowen. To calm himself down, Jeremy locks Lowen’s bedroom door.

Verity informs Lowen about Harper’s fantasy in which she murders Chastin. Verity attempts to murder Harper as a result of this by forcing her to swallow her vomit. She can’t attain her full potential as long as Jeremy is around. Verity exploits the news that she is pregnant with Crew to keep Jeremy happy, who is becoming more irritated because he believes Verity is being harsh to Harper.

Lowen and Jeremy had a lovely night in for her 32nd birthday. They have sexual interactions with one another. Lowen claims that Verity is standing at the top of the stairs, observing them. Lowen will consider telling Jeremy the truth about Verity after completing his memoirs. According to what she has read, Chastin died at a sleepover due to a poor response. Verity begins questioning whether Harper had something to do with her sister’s tragic demise. On Verity’s birthday, Lowen spent time with her alone and set her a task. Verity is a taciturn woman. After the day, Lowen offers to Jeremy that they place Verity in a nursing home so that they may take a vacation from caring for her.

People are saddened by Harper’s terrible drowning in the lake. Verity deliberately sinks the boat and does nothing to help Harper. Jeremy informs Lowen that he must remain for another week since Verity is being transferred to a nursing home on Monday. She does, from what I can tell. When they are together, no precautions are taken.

 When Lowen was alone with Crew, he kept grilling him about what occurred the day Harper died. By mistake, Crew slashes his hand with a knife. Jeremy takes Verity to get sutures, leaving Lowen alone with Verity. Now Jeremy is accompanying him. Lowen shuts the door after putting the baby monitor in Verity’s room. She is nearly through with the book, but she can’t keep her gaze away from the screen. After the novel, Jeremy begins to suspect Verity was involved in Harper’s death. As a consequence, Verity begins to consider suicide.

He’s returned. When the baby monitor is activated, Lowen can see Verity sitting on the floor of her room. The next time she sees Verity, she rushes up the stairs. Jeremy grabs Lowen’s arm and shoves her out the door. After some thinking, Lowen hands the text to Jeremy and asks him to read it. Jeremy and Verity quarrel and Jeremy threatens to call the cops on Verity. Verity’s eyes widen. Jeremy lifts his head to rest on top of hers. Lowen stops him and instructs him to murder Verity the same way she attempted to kill Harper. Verity chokes to death because Jeremy forces her to vomit in her mouth. Lowen and Jeremy decided not to discuss what had occurred between them.

 Seven months after Verity’s death, Lowen, Jeremy, and Crew returned to Vermont. Lowen was seven months pregnant at the time. When Lowen reads a letter Verity sent to Jeremy, he discovers that what she did with her writing was “aggressive journaling.” This exercise was designed to help Verity learn more about her evil villains. Verity discusses how Jeremy discovered the text after Harper died and how he made sure she died in a car accident so she wouldn’t be a danger longer. Verity claims that she has been spying on Lowen, that she has confined Lowen in her room, and that she and Crew are plotting Lowen’s escape. Lowen throws away the letter so he won’t have to argue with Jeremy over it. She swears to keep the secret hidden until she dies.

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