Women don’t owe you pretty By Florence Given PDF Download

Women don't owe you pretty

Florence Given is a London-based artist and writer who is 21 years old. Florence was voted Influencer of the Year by Cosmopolitan in 2019. She has over 300,000 Instagram followers and has been on BBC Breakfast and NBC News to address the stigma of being unmarried and her battle against the fatphobic program Insatiable. She collaborated with Always on their #EndPeriodPoverty campaign, and her post went viral, generating over 200k likes and resulting in the distribution of free sanitary supplies to people in need.

BookWomen don’t owe you pretty pdf
Author Florence Given
Publication Cassell
Language English 
Pages 224

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Summary Women don’t owe you pretty

The normality of groping offended her, and she wept in nightclub restrooms, yelled at guys who catcalled her, and fought with my parents on several occasions. She also lost contact with her pals. With a change of viewpoint, the world may be flipped upside down. But isn’t having a clear view of the cosmos better than going through life oblivious of what you’re a part of and enabling? There are aspects of yourself that you’ve never noticed before, such as how much space guys take upon public transportation with their legs and how you instinctively cross people’s legs in public places. Consider your identity as a piece of cloth that has been put together since your birth.

Consider what it would be like if a stranger said something that called your identity into question and tore it apart. When it’s simpler to grow, comprehend, evolve, and resew your fabric, you’ll be more open to the concept that we all have various realities since our fabric has been painstakingly knitted.

Those who have been wounded, whether directly or indirectly as a consequence of a system of oppression like racism, owe no one forgiveness, and she wants everyone to understand this. No one owes white people any apologies, regardless of colour. Women owe forgiveness to men, not the other way around. It is entirely up to them to make a choice. Nobody owes anything to their oppressor/abuser.

You are not holding someone responsible when you decide to stop supporting them after they make a mistake or call them out to make yourself feel better; you are engaged in self-righteousness. Most of the time, it’s just a means for you to feel better about your flaws. Some individuals never take the time to assess their identity or break cycles of inherited grief because they are so focused on survival. It’s also possible to have a zero-tolerance attitude toward sexism and other types of discrimination while yet enabling people to develop, learn from their errors, and recover. People don’t have time to ponder about evolution, so it’s simpler for them to live by the narrative that has been handed down to them from birth.

Her skin may be imperfect, but I believe that these flaws contribute to her attractiveness. They reflect harmful habits and long-held ideas in my mind’s eye, which will leave my body after a lengthy period of processing. It’s an indication she was losing another layer of skin in preparation for my glow-up.

All that counts in a patriarchal culture is how we seem. Women can only be noticed if they behave in conformity with expectations. We can’t blame women for being self-conscious about their looks. We can, however, help them with their concerns about how they are seen. Various levels of social pressure are placed on women to present a specific image of femininity. For women who are marginalized, such as trans women, overweight women, or women of colour, beauty norms may not always be an option. Their armpit hair will probably grow out, as well as their head hair.

Only slim, cisgender, white women, like myself, can grow their hair out. Whether or whether I shave, I will unquestionably be seen as “feminine.” I’m only aware of a few transwomen who have allowed their leg or armpit hair to grow long and uncut. Anyone who identifies as transgender does not require to act in a hyper-feminine manner. We can’t help but have different standards for men and women when it comes to the acceptability of body hair.

Keep an eye out for any LGBTQ couples who are uploading images of themselves on social media, since we’re swamped with horrible love tales. Reading literature written by people of colour is a good idea. On Instagram, you may follow individuals who are overweight, handicapped, or trans. While walking to work, listen to podcasts created by people of colour. Self-love and self-care are promoted in such a manner that it reinforces the desire for women to remain attractive at all times.

As a consequence of this “self-love,” I’m valuing myself only based on my physical appearance. I was bullied as a kid, but it did not affect who I am today. My ability to adapt was largely due to my tenacity. I gained the courage to express myself as a consequence of laying down in that park. It’s a waste of time to wait for someone to ask you out.

Heteronormativity has convinced us all that being single is some kind of tragic fate. I realized it was a choice. Knowing what you’d want from a partner, new friend or even your career can be so powerful. When people make autonomous decisions about their bodies and lifestyles they are met with a whole spectrum of resistance. This is particularly true for marginalized people.

Crumbs are the audaciously small tokens and gestures that people throw us, to keep us under the illusion that they deserve a place in our lives – despite bringing very little (or no) value to them. They treat us like a doormat because we give them crumbs. When you settle for crumbs it sends a message that that’s all you think you deserve. You’ve got to learn to love yourself, to avoid relying on other people’s validation to make you feel whole. Growth involves breaking up with yourself.

(That’s what’s so bloody uncomfortable.). We have become all too attached to our suffering strategies, to narratives we keep telling ourselves, and to repeating self-sabotaging behaviour. It’s easier to blame others and the world around us than to question how much of our pain is caused by subconsciously choosing this suffering.

To grow, you have to thank your old self. You have to be willing to accept that sometimes you are self-sabotaging. You have to break up with the version of yourself that you have been clinging to for so long. Internalized misogyny is the silent, insidious killer of progress. Capitalism profits from the insecurities it is responsible for creating.

We seek comfort in other women’s perceived “flaws” in an attempt to avoid addressing our insecurities. It is entirely exploitative and creates unhealthy levels of competition among women.  If seeing someone’s low moments eases your anxiety and makes you feel like you’re”winning”, work on it. Are you jealous that she’s running a thriving business? Go home, write a list of all the things that bring you joy, and start making a profit instead.

The man I. had a history with, dissipated. It made me realize that he was the problem all along. He brought out a nasty jealous aspect in her, and life’s too short to be around people who make you feel like you need to compete for their attention. When I see a woman wearing tight clothes, my first thought is, Bloody hell!

She’s too old for that! Instead, I think, “Her clothes aren’t the problem, the problem is rapists and their predatorial behaviour towards women’s bodies.” Despite the expectation for women to constantly cater their appearance to the male gaze, these butch ICONS are choosing to express their gender in a way that feels most authentic to themselves. Flip it around: think to yourself “divorced women are iconic”.

“Non-disabled privilege” means I do not have to worry about making people around me uncomfortable because of my disability. Privilege works in systems and institutions of power. However, because we have multiple identities and can face both oppression and privilege at the same time, “reverse racism” does not exist. Being aware of your privilege allows you to spend it to benefit other people.

Real change happens when we give up power, without telling anyone who did it. We must be aware of how nothing in our lives is untouched by our privilege.

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